Macbeth Act 4

What were two disgusting things the witches put into the cauldron? The tongue of a dog and the toe of a frog.
What was the appearance of the first apparition? Armed head
What was the first apparition’s prediction for Macbeth? Beware of Macduff.
What was the appearance of the second apparition? A bloody child.
What was the second apparition’s prediction for Macbeth? No one born of a woman could defeat Macbeth.
What was the appearance of the third apparition? A child with a crown holding a tree.
What was the third apparition’s prediction for Macbeth? Macbeth wouldn’t be defeated until the Birham wood went up the Dunsinane Hill and reached Macbeth’s house.
How would you react to the predictions of the apparitions? I would feel confident.
What is the answer to Macbeth’s question: “Shall Banquo’s issue ever reign in this kingdom?” Someone in Banquo’s family will eventually become king.
Lennox tells Macbeth what Macduff has “fled to England.” What does Macbeth intent to do in response to Macduff’s action. Macbeth plans to kill Macduff’s family.
How does Lady Macduff react to the news that her husband has gone to England? She thinks that he is a coward and he didn’t love his family.
The conversation between Lady Macduff and her son is supposed to be comic relief (it can occur just before a tense scene). However, like the porter scene, ridiculous characters/scenes often have a hidden truth… What truth does this scene make about being a traitor during the rule of a tyrant? Almost anything you do will make you look like a traitor and the punishments will be more severe.
Ross, Macduff, and Malcolm each have different reactions to the murder of Macduff’s family. How does Ross react? He thinks that the country is going downhill and lots of people will die.
Ross, Macduff, and Malcolm each have different reactions to the murder of Macduff’s family. How does Macduff react? He wants to keep swords up and defend the country and the fallen.
Ross, Macduff, and Malcolm each have different reactions to the murder of Macduff’s family. How does Malcolm react? He wants to cry and mourn for the fallen.
Scene 1 The three witches are throwing things into a cauldron when Hectate returns and complements them. Macbeth comes in and asks the witches to reveal their prophesies to him. The apparitions appear and give it to him. Eight crowned kings walk by and the ghost of Banquo is there holding a mirror. Lennox comes in and tells Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England and he orders to have his entire family killed.
Scene 2 Lady Macduff is at Macduff’s castle and asks Ross why her husband has fled because she feels betrayed. Ross says that she should trust Macduff’s judgement. A messenger comes in and tells Lady Macduff that she needs to leave because she is in danger but she doesn’t want to. Murderers come in and stab Macduff’s son and chase after Lady Macduff.
Scene 3 Malcolm tells Macduff outside of King Edward’s palace that he doesn’t trust Macduff because he left his family and he might be secretly working for Macbeth. Macduff says that Malcolm is not fit to be a king and passes Malcolm’s test of loyalty. Ross comes in and tells Macduff that his wife and children are well but he urges him to come back to Scotland because Macbeth isn’t ruling very well. Malcolm says that they will return with ten thousand soldiers from King Edward. Ross then confesses that Lady Macduff and their son were murdered by Macbeth. Malcolm urges Macduff toward anger and Macduff says that he will take revenge upon Macbeth.

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