Macbeth Act 3 Vocab

Parricide Definition: The killing of a parent or other near relative.Part of Speech: NounSynonym: Murderer, Man slayerSentence: The child committed parricide when he killed his grandparents.
Malice Definition: The intention or desire to do harm.Part of Speech: NounSynonym: RevengeSentence: The person was acting in a very malice harm when he was waving the knife around.
Vizard Definition: A mask or disguisePart of Speech: NounSynonym: MaskSentence: The child had on a vizard on Halloween.
Bides Definition: To remain or stay somewherePart of Speech: VerbSynonym: Endure, Hold on. Sentence: With great bides, the family stayed in their shelter during the tornado.
Purged Definition: To rid someone of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition. Part of Speech: VerbSynonym: Cleanse, PurifySentence: The person purged out their anger when they went to a boxing class.
Muse Definition: To be absorbed in thought.Part of Speech: VerbSynonym: Ponder, Consider.Sentence: The student was in muse during the class because it was so boring.
Homage Definition: Special honor or respect shown publicly.Part of Speech: NounSynonym: Respect, Worship. Sentence: People paid homage to the soldier who died.

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