Macbeth Act 3 Study Guide

posterity future generations
cide kill (act of killing ones parents)
naught nothing
jovial jolly; cheerful
muse to think about in silence
mirth joy
blanch turn pale white
wayward turned away (perverted) from what is the expected norm; resistant to guidance or discipline
apostrophe (Etymology =apo [away] + strophe [turn]) When a character makes an apostrophe, or apostrophizes, that character turns away and speaks to nothing. They may speak to someone who is absent, dead, or something that is not human, e.g., Fate. An apostrophe is a type of speech similar to soliloquy and aside.
According to Banquo, how did Macbeth get all that the weird sisters promised? He cheated to get his titles by foul play
What has Macbeth invited Banquo to do? Join their banquet/partycome to dinner
Macbeth says, “For them the gracious Duncan have I murdered.” Who is he talking about? He is talking about Banquo’s sons
What is bothering Macbeth in this soliloquy? Macbeth is worried that he has murdered Duncan, and his sons won’t even become King; For Banquo’s heirs; Banquo’s prophecy. “Did I kill Duncan for his kids?”
Besides Banquo, who else does Macbeth want dead? Banquo’s son Fleance
Lady Macbeth voices concern about getting what one desires but not being “content.” What does she say is “safer” to be? it is better to stay the way you are, do not try to be someone else–she use to be happier
What reasons does Macbeth give for why Duncan is better off than he? He no longer has to have the king’s weight on his shoulders, of being poisoned, ect
How does Macbeth instruct Lady Macbeth to act toward Banquo? to pay special attention to Banquo. He doesn’t tell her that he won’t be there
What does Lady Macbeth say that provides comfort to Macbeth? Macbeth says, “Be innocent of the knowledge.” Who should be innocent? __________________ What knowledge is Macbeth talking about? – Life and all these problems don’t last forever- Lady Macbeth- That Banquo will be murdered and Fleance
Who hired the third murderer? Macbeth
The murderers are about a mile away from the palace gate. What do most men usually do from this place? Walk their horses from here to the gate= they can catch Banquo on foot
How successful were the murderers? They killed Banquo but Fleance fled
What does Macbeth mean when says, “There the serpent lies. The worm that’s fled / Hath nature that in time will venom breed, / no teeth for th’ present”? serpent=Banquoworm=FleanceFleance is too young to do harm yet
Macbeth says, “Which of you have done this?” What is Macbeth looking at when he says this? What is Macbeth referring to when he says “done this”? He is looking at an empty stool (ghost) when he ask who has caused/put Banquo’s ghost there (hallucination)

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