Macbeth – Act 3: Scene 6

What are the main conclusions of Lennox’s speech to the lord? – Fleance killed Banquo- Malcom and Donalbain killed their father- Macbeth is noble and loyal for killing the servants- Macduff and Macbeth are conflicted
What does the Lord tell Lennox? – Malcom is in England with King Edward- Macduff went there to ask King Edward for help. – He wants Edward to help him form an alliance with the people of Northumberland and their lord, Siward- Macduff wants to seize the throne and restore peace- Macbeth is so angry that he is preparing for war
What did Macbeth ask Macduff to do, and what was his response? – Macbeth sent a messenger to ask him to come back to Scotland- Macduff told him “Sir, not I”- The messenger turned his back as if to say “You’ll rue the timeThat clogs me with this answer”

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