macbeth act 3 quotes

thus has it now- king, cawdor, glamis, all as the weird women promised, and i fear thou played’st most foully for it banquo to macbethhe is saaying that macbeth has all 3 titles the witches promised, but he fears macbeth killed duncan in order to get them
i am in blood. stepped so far that should i wade no more, returning were as tedious as go over. macbeth to lady macbethhe is saying how he is too far in now, and how he might as well just keep killing people
we here our bloody cousins are bestowed in england and ireland, not confesing thier cruel parricide, filling thier hearers with strange invention macbeth to banquomacbeth says this to try and convince people that he is not the killer. instead he is trying to blame it on malcom and donalbain.
better be with the dead, whom we, to fain our peace, have sent to peace, then on torture of the mind to lie in restless ecstassy macbeth to lady macbethhe is saying how he might as well make peace with the fact that he is a murderer, rather than suffer by getting upset and in his head about it
then comes my fit again. i had else been perfect, whole as a marble, founded as the rock, as broad and general as the casing air. but now i am cabined, confined, bound in to saucy doubts and fears- but banquo’s safe macbeth to first mudererhe says this after finding out that fleance escaped, and becomes worried and anxious.
there is none but he whose being i do fear and under him my genius is rebuked, as it is said mark antony’s was by ceasar. to be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus. our fears in Banquo stick deeo, and in his royalty of nature reigns that which would be fear. macbeth- soliloquyallusion to octavius ceasarmacbeth’s only fear is banquo
and bade them speak to him. then prophet- like, they hailed him farther to a line of kings. Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in my grip, thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand, no son of mine succeeding macbeth- soliloquymacbeth was given a corwn that he cannot pass on to any heirs, so someone from outside of his family will take it away from him eventually

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