Macbeth Act 3

What do Claudius and Polonius do in scene one, that Hamlet and Horatio do in scene two, that Hamlet does in scene three and Polonius does in scene four? spy
In what respects is the play scene a turning point in the play? How is this turn compounded by Hamlet’s actions in the closet scene? In the play scene, Hamlet acts out Claudius killing his father to see his reaction. In the closet scene, Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius, thinking it was Claudius, because he was spying on Hamlet and his mother from the closet.
What does the fact that Hamlet’s soliloquy in the prayer scene was cut from performances of the play for nearly 200 years tell us about Shakespeare’s likely intentions in writing his speech for the prince? he wanted to shock the audience
Does Claudius’ soliloquy revise or support your opinion of his character? support he’s a bad guy; he didn’t want to repent for killing the King, he’s only sorry he was caught.
Hamlet is often thought to have a lot of soliloquies, though in actual fact, he has fewer than Macbeth and around the same number as Othello, who are thought to be men of action rather than meditation. How does the placing and subject of Hamlet’s soliloquies in this act encourage the idea of a meditative prince? builds suspense; We want Hamlet to act, but he’s too busy thinking
‘I essentially am not in madness’ says Hamlet. Name one line spoken by Hamlet in this act which might make you doubt this. he is talking to the ghost that his mother cannot see
Is Hamlet at his worst in scene three or scene four of this act? four; he killed Polonius
How do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern seem to have become more immoral since their first appearance? openly lying to Hamlet; keeping it a secret from the King and Queen that Hamlet knows they’re spying on him
For what reasons might you think that the Ghost in III.iv is an hallucination, and for what reasons might you think it is real? hallucination- Hamlet sees it, but the queen doesn’t real- his mother could be blocking it out on purpose, she wants to believe Claudius is innocent
After III.ii., the next time we see Ophelia she is mad. How are the seeds for this planted in this act? hamlet embarrasses her publicly; her dad just got killed by the man she loved
Name three dramatic surprises in this act. ghost, Polonius murder, the play
Name two sections which successfully create tension. prayer scene, closet scene

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