macbeth act 3

In scene 1, what does Banquo suspect? mcbeth cheated to win the title of king, (he killed Duncan)
What invitation does Macbeth give Banquo? To a ceremonial banquet
Why does Macbeth decide to kill Fleance and Banquo? Explain the plan and its outcome. Because the witches told him Banquo that his children were going to be king and he figures that Banquo will kill him like he killed Duncan
What is Macbeth’s reason for asking Banquo, “Ride you this afternoon?” Because he hires murderers to kill him and the son
How does Macbeth now feel about his position of power? What line near the end of scene 2 vividly explains his state of mind? He doesn’t believe that their position is secure, “my mind is full of scorpions
What arguments does he use to induce the murderers to kill Banquo? He tells them that they are poor and they have had trouble in their life because of banquo
What reason does Macbeth give as to why he doesn’t murder Banquo himself? He says that even though he has the power he cant do it because him and banquo socialize with the same people and then he will be more suspicious
What is the dramatic significance of Fleance’s escape? Because the witches say that Banquos children will be kings so mcbeth is nervous that his time as king will soon come to a end
In scene 4, who is sitting in Macbeth’s place at the banquet table? How does “he” look? How does Macbeth react? The ghost of Banquo, he has a bloody head, Mcbeth looks at him and says “You can’t say I did it. Don’t shake your bloody head at me.”
What is Lady Macbeth’s role during the ghost’s appearance? How does she try to bring her husband back to reality? She tries to distract everyone from paying any attention to mcbeth and she says to the guest “sit down everything is okay and that mcbeth has been acting like this since he was a child and that he was having a fit
What is the significance in the fact that Macbeth “Keeps a servant fee’d in each subjects house?” He does this so that he can know what’s going to happen and wether anyone is plotting to kill him
Who is Hecate? She’s the boss and source of power of the three witches
What does Hecate say is mortal’s chiefest enemy? Is this true in Macbeth’s case? overconfidence is man’s greatest enemy, yes he thinks that because he has gotten away with murder a few times and that no one has figured him out yet that he is going to get away with it
What do we learn, specifically concerning Macduff and Malcolm, in scene 6? What is Macbeth planning? Macduff went there to ask King Edward for help, to send forces to Northumberland and Siward., hes preparing for war

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