Macbeth Act 3-5 Vocab Sentences

abhorred “Thou liest, _______ tyrant.”
appease “To offer up a weak, poor innocent lamb t’ ______ an angry god.”
arbitrate “Thoughts speculative their unsure hopes relate, but certain issue strokes must ______ towards which, advance the war.”
avaricious “I grant him bloody, luxurious, ________, false, deceitful, sudden, malicious, smacking of every sin.”
bane “I will not be afraid of death and _____, till Birnam forest come to Dunsinane.”
blanched “And keep the natural ruby of your cheeks, when mine is _____ with fear.”
chafes “Be lion-mettled, proud; and take no care who _______, who frets, or where conspirers are:Macbeth shall never vanquish’d be untilGreat Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hillshall come against him.”
chide “He ______ the sisters when first they put the name of king upon me and bade them speak to him.”
concord “Nay, had I power, I should pour the sweet milk of _______ into hell, uproar the universal peace, confound all unity on earth.”
dauntless “And, to that ________ temper of his mind, he hath a wisdom that doth guide his valourto act in safety.”
deftly “Come, high or low; thyself and office ______ show!”
dolor “Strike heaven on the face, that it resoundsas if it felt with Scotland and yell’d out like syllable of ______.”
guise “Lo you, here she comes! This is her very _______;and, upon my life, fast asleep.”
homage “Free from our feasts and banquets bloody knives, do faithful ______ and receive free honors.”
hoodwink “Convey your pleasures in a spacious plenty,and yet seem cold, the time you may so ________.”
impediments “The cistern of my lust, and my desireall continent ________ would o’erbear.”
jocund “There’s comfort yet; they are assailable;then be thou _______: ere the bat hath flownhis cloister’d flight, ere to black Hecate’s summons.”
judicious “I pray you, school yourself: but for your husband, he is noble, wise, _______, and best knows the fits o’ the season. I dare not speak much further.”
malevolence “Of the most pious Edward with such grace that the _______ of fortune nothingtakes from his high respect.”
mirth “Be large in _____; anon we’ll drink a measure the table round.”
parricide “In England and in Ireland, not confessing their cruel _______, filling their hearer with strange invention.”
pernicious “Let this _______ hour stand aye accursed in the calendar!”
perturbation “A great _______ in nature, to receive at once the benefit of sleep, and do the effects ofwatching!”
posterity “It should not stand in thy ______,but that myself should be the root and father of many kings.”
prowess “The which no sooner had his ______ confirm’d in the unshrinking station where he fought, but like a man he died.”
rancor Put ______ in the vessel of my peaceOnly for them.”
raze “_____ out the written troubles of the brainand with some sweet oblivious antidotecleanse the stuff’d bosom of that perilous stuffwhich weighs upon the heart?”
recoil “A good and virtuous nature may _____in an imperial charge.”
resolute “Be bloody, bold, and _____.”
upbraid “Now minutely revolts _______ his faith-breach.”

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