Macbeth Act 3

What important points does Banquo reveal rough his soliloquy Banquo suspects that Macbeth had something to do with the murder. Banquo hopes the prophecy will come true for him like it did for Macbeth.
What does the dialogue between Macbeth and Banquo reveal about their relationship There is a social divide.Macbeth is now higher than Banquo. They don’t really trust each other
How has Macbeth’s demeanor changed since his last scene Macbeth is a bi more confident, but is still a coward
What interests Macbeth about Banquo? What logical reason exists for this fascination? Macbeth is annoyed by his presence and feels threatened by him. The prophecy
Explain what Macbeth means when he says, “to be thus is nothing,/ but to be safely thus” Being kind is pointless if he feels threatened
Why is Banquo the only person Macbth fears? What disturbs Macbeth about Banquo? It is his best friend and he knows about the prophecy. They were so close so he knows how smart he is and that he is brave.
What is it about the witches prophecy that frustrates Macbeth? A) Why does he feel his efforts to attain the throne may have been in vain? B) What are his views of fate? Macbeth does not have children to succeed him like Banquo does. A) it prophecizes that he might get murdered; gave up his soulf to Banquo’s kids B) he thinks he can change fate and stop Banquo’s kids from becoming King.
What motivation does Macbeth provide the men towards the end of the scene Banquo is the source of all their problems
What justification does Macbeth offer for not completing the deed himself He is the King. They have mutual friends and he does not want to lose them either.
What are the details of the plan The murderers will hide on the side of the road, ambush, and kill Banquo and Fleance
How does Macbeth’s use of these men affect his character development He has political powers that he can use because he cannot do it himself because he is a baby and a coward and can’t kill Banquo himself.
How do Lady Macbeth and Macbeth describe their sense of security? A) What does Macbeth day about Duncan to illustrate his point They feel unsafe. A) Duncan’s murder was only the beginning of what they had to do to keep their positions; Macbeth says he wishes he was dead like Duncan
What does Macbeth mean when he says they must make their “faces gizzards to our hearts,/ disgusting what they are?” A) What earlier advice does this parallel? Hide how they really feel; A) “look like the flower, but be like the serpent under”
What metaphor does Macbeth use to describe his mental state? A)What is the cause of his worries Scorpions in his mind; A) Banquo And Fleance are alive and threaten his position as king
How has Macbeth switched roles wth Lady Macbeth at this point MacBeth has more dominance and confidence than Lady MacBeth now
What happens during the ambush? Is the ambush successful? They killed Banquo, but not Fleance; it was 50/50.
What are Banquo’s last words? What is the significance of them in terms of th prophecies? He asks Fleance to avenge his death (foreshadows and flashbacks)
How does Macbeth responded to the news of the ambush He is disappointed that Fleance is not dead
What details are revealed about Banquo? He is dead, 20 gashes in his head, has a cut throat, and laying in a ditch
Upon returning to banquet table , what does Macbeth see and how does he respond? A) How are the guests affected He sees Banquos ghost and freaks out; A) they think he is hallucinating/ childhood illness
How does Lady Macbeth explain her husbands behavior? A) How does she criticize Macbeth B) What does she remind Macbeth about that may help calm him down It is an illness from his childhood; A) are you a man?; B) Hallucination of the floating dagger was not real and this is not real either
What is Macbeth’s behavior like for the rest of the dinner? A) What is Lady Macbeths response to his behavior Paranoid; skittish;behavior worsens; A)She tells the guests to leave
Why do you suppose Banquo’s ghost haunts Macbeth and not Duncans ghost Banquo and Macbeth were very close and Banquo told Fleance to avenge his death/revenge on McBeth
Why does Macbeth bring up Macduff? What are the implications of Macduffs actions He is mad at him because MacDuff is ignoring him and not attending any of the events going on; he says it is treasonous
What does Macbeth plan to do next? A) What grotesque image does he use to describe his current situation He plans to visit the witches and find out more about what to do. A) He describes his situation as standing in a river of blood. He believes it would be just as hard to become good as it would to keep killing people.
How does Lady Macbeth describe sleep She says it is the preserving spice of life; also Macbeth still can’t sleep and is losing his mind
Who is Hecate and why is she angry? She is the leader of the witches. They did not tell her that they were going to talk with Macbeth and now she feels that they will not benefit from his actions.
What does Hecate plan to do? She plans to lead Macbeth with a false sense of security ultimately leading to his death
What comments does Hecate make that suggest Macbeth has free will? A) What does she say to suggest Macbeth is controlled by fate She points out qualities that will cause his ruin (being spiteful) A) the witches control over Macbeth and their ability to prophecies will suggest
Lennox seems get careful in regard to his speech. Why is he cautious? He didn’t want to directly accuse Macbeth because it is treasonous
Where had Macduff gone and why England with Malcolm; ask the king for help in overthrowing Macbeth and seeks the help of the rebels
According to the Lord, what problems plague Scotland? What is the source of these troubles? People don’t have food, can’t sleep, and face violence at feasts. The source of the problems is Macbeth who Lennox and the Lord believe is cursing the land
Who was the first person to call Macbeth a tyrant? Lennox
Explain the significance of the amount of murderers 2 murderers discussed the murder and 3 actually committed the murder; Macbeth sent a 3rd murderer because he didn’t trust the other 2 since they were going to let Banquo off the hook

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