Macbeth Act 3

Exposition Introduces characters + setting
Exciting Force Event that gets action moving, usually in the 1st act
Rising Action Events leading to climax
Climax Highest point of action, usually begins downward path for protagonist
Falling Action Events after climax, usually against protagonist
Moment of final suspense Looks like things will work out for the protagonist
Catastrophe Complete downfall of the protagonist either through death or other misfortune
“hark, I am called. My little spirit, see, sits in a foggy cloud….” Hecat
Exposition examples – King Thanes talking about Macbeth – Witches talking about Macbeth
Exciting force – Macbeth hears the prophecies from witches
Rising Action Examples – Lady + Macbeth invites Duncan to dinner – Macbeth kills Duncan – Lady + Macbeth plan Duncan’s death – Banquo dies
Climax – Banquo’s son, Fleance, escapes!
Falling Action Examples – Banquo’s ghost arrives at dinner!

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