macbeth act 3

he doesn’t want banquo’s sons to be kings and since he knows the witches prophecies. so he fears that Banquo knows he killed Duncan to become king Why des macbeth fear banquo and want to have him killed
He tells them that Banquo is the reason for their misfortune and he bribe them how does macbeth persuade the murderers that they should kill Banquo
they have “common friends”- needs to be stealthy to not upset said friends what does macbeth tell the murderers is the reason he can not kill banquo himself
He felt so guilty about killing Duncan, killing his friend, Banquo, would be near impossible to deal with what is the real reason macbeth hires murderers to kill Banquo
tonight, while he and fleance are out on their horses When and where has macbeth decided that Banquo must be murdered
Fleance so he can not become king who has macbeth decided must also be murdered at the same time as Banquo? Why?
they aren’t happy because they are not safe what do lady macbeth and macbeth state about their current standing as king and queen based on what they had to do it get it
Because he is sleeping peacefully while Macbeth and Lady macbeth are suffering what does macbeth say he envies about Duncan
he tells her not to worry with the plan, but that something bad is going to happen tonight and to act normally what does macbeth tell lady macbeth about the plan to murder banquo
there is a third murder but only two learned of the plan from macbeth what is unexpected about the murderers who wait to kill banquo
they kill banquo but fleance got away what happens when the murderers try to kill banquo and his son
he is happy to hear banquo’s dead but upset about fleance getting away-not a problem now, but will be in the future what is macbeth’s reaction first to the news that banquo is dead then to the news that Fleance escaped
he hallucinates banquo’s ghost is sitting there why doesn’t macbeth sit in the seat reserved for him at the feast
he yells at the ghost to leave him alone- feeling guilty for killing banquo how does macbeth react to banquo’s ghost
she says that macbeth has had these fits since he was a child how does lady macbeth explain macbeth’s odd behavior to the guests
Macduff who do we learn has not attended the feast despite being invited
he’s going to talk to the weird sisters to find out more about his future what has macbeth decided he must do in order to continue on with his plan of action
in order to stay king and queen, they still have a lot to do to stay safe in their positions- he will problem have to kill more people (fleance, macduff) what does macbeth mean when he says,” we are yet but young in deed?” what does this suggest about his future behavior
Hecate is the head witch and she’s mad that weird sister didn’t involve her in Macbeth’s fate who is hecate and what does she think of the witches involvement with macbeth
he doesn’t believe that malcolm and donalbain killing their father: doesn’t trust macbeth and think’s he a tyrant and that he had something to do with the murders how does lennox feel about macbeth and the recent killings
he is in england trying to get their king to help him wage a war against macbeth what does the lord tell us about the whereabouts of macduff
he refused to attend the feast despite being invited what was macduffs reply to being summoned by one of macbeth’s messengers
banquo to himselfhe notes that macbeth is the thane of glamis, thane of powder, and king, just as the witches said. he suspects macbeth of duncan’s muder thou hast it now-king, cawdor,gleams,all/ as the weird women promised, and i fear/ thou played’st most foully for it
macbeth to banquomacbeth tells him that he has heard malcolm and deniablain are in england and ireland. he says they have not confessed to murdering duncan but instead are telling strange stories about what really happened we hear our bloody cousins are bestowed/ in england and ireland, not confessing/ their cruel parricide, filling their hearers/ with strange invention
macbethhe feels that his position as king means nothing until he is secure in his position. he fears that banquo suspects macbeth. to be thus is nothing/ but to be safety thus. our fears in banquo/ stick deep, and in his royalty of nature/ regions that which would be feared
macbethhe is upset knowing that he has no sons to become king. he fears the only people who will benefit from him killing duncan are banquo and his sons upon my head they placed a fruitless crown/ and put a barren specter in my grip/ then to be wrenched with an unlined hand,/ no son of mine succeeding. if’t be so/ for banquo’s issue i have filed my mind/ for them the gracious duncan I have murdered
macbethby killing dunce, macbeth and lady macbeth have made progress, but their actions can still come back to bite them. The risk of losing their crown we have scorched the snake, not killed it
macbeth to lady macbethhe tells her that he does not want her to know what he is planning with banquo. she will know once it happens be innocent of knowledge, dearest chuck/ till thou applaud the deed
macbethhe learns that banquo is dead but fleance has escaped. fleance is a worm because he is young and is no threat now, but will be when he gets older there the grown serpant lies. the worm that’s fled/ hate nature in time will venom breed/ no teeth for the present
macbeth to banquos ghostmacbeth is hullcinating banquo’s ghost, which shows his feeling of guilt. he talks t the ghost insisting he can’t be blamed for his murder since he did not kill him thou canst not say that i did it; never shake/ they gory locks me
lady macbeth to macbethshe tells him that ghost isn’t there: he’s hallucinating just as he did with danger that led him to kill duncan, as a result of his guilt and fear this is the very painting of your fear/ this is the air drawn dagger which you said/ lead you to duncan
macbeth to lady macbethhe tells her he plans to see the weird sisters in the morning in order to learn more about his future i will tomorrow/ (and bedtimes i will) to the weird sister/ more shall they speak, for now i am bent to know/ by the worst means the worst

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