Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth Act 2 Scene 3 Vocab / Sentences

Rebuke to scold, to chastise
barren unable to reproduce offspring
Vile evil ,wicked
Resolved determined
Defile to make foul, to ruin
Abide to put up with, to agree to follow
Affliction suffering, hardship
Jovial cheerful, good-humored
Tedious dull, boring
Entreat to beg, to implore
Augment to expand, to enhance
Counsel to advise, advice
Provoke to aggravate, to incite, to goad
Unruly difficult to control, untamable, disorderly, wild
Obscure difficult to understand, vague, unclear
Renown fame, notoriety, repute
Breach to break, to violate, violation
Refrain to hold back, to avoid doing
Pretense insincere behavior, deceit, facade
Malice ill-will, hatred
Predecessor a previous holder of a job or title, a precursor, an ancestor
2 examples of subordination Independent clause dependent clause. Dependent Clause, independent clause.
3 examples of coordination Independent clause, fanboys, independent clause. Independent clause fanboys other part of sentence. Independent clause; coordinating conjunction, independent clause.
Examples of coordinating conjunctions Thus, however, therefore, later, instead

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