Macbeth act 2 scene 1-5

What are Banquo’s concerns about the Witches’ prophecy? What is Macbeth’s response? He has had bad dreams about the Witches and part of what they said has come true. Macbeth says he has not thought about them. Banquo would like to discuss the matter with Macbeth.
What does Macbeth see when Banquo and Fleance leave and what does he say about it? He sees dagger floating before him. He says that it is only a dream. a bloody
What was Lady Macbeth unable to do in Duncan’s chamber? Why? She was unable to kill Duncan because he looked like her father
What was Macbeth’s reaction when he returned from Duncan’s chamber? What did he say? He was upset and feeling guilt. He said that “it was a sorry sight.” He also stated that he had murdered sleep and he could not say amen when he needed to.
Who was sleeping in the second chamber? Why did Shakespeare include that information in the play? Donalbain and Malcolm was sleeping. This puts suspicion on him.
Macbeth is unable to return to Duncan’s chamber with the bloody daggers. Why do you think he fears going back? He cannot face the murder that he has committed. He feels too much guilt.
What does Lennox say to Macbeth about the previous night? Lennox said that there was a bad storm and he has never seen one this fierce in his life. BUT that the owl attacked a falcon, the horses ate each other and a weird darkness covered the sun in the daytime
Who discovers that Duncan has been murdered? Macduff discovers Duncan’s slain body.
Why does Macbeth say he has murdered the guards? Macbeth says he murdered the guards because felt they killed Duncan. He was so angry and grief stricken he could not control his rage.
Why do Donalbain and Malcolm leave? Where do they say they are going? Donalbain and Malcolm because they fear for their own lives. Donalbain goes to Ireland and Malcolm goes to England.
comic relief funny or humurous scene or incident that breaks the tention after an intense moment
drunken porter gate keeper
belezebub devil
the gate keeper was joking about being the devil and the gate is hell, marriage(sex), nose painting, urine and sleep but overall he was joking about drinking and all that stuff
what does lady m do to get attention of macbeth she faints
why is it safer if D and M split up because if one of them dies that other can take over, so both wont get killed
divine monarchy ruler or king was appointed by god
why were all these strange things happening because the gods are angry at duncans murder
who is suspected of murder D AND M bc the left
who is crowned king Macbeth

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