Macbeth Act 2

How does Macbeth act when he runs into Banquo and Fleance at the start of the scene? Macbeth appears to be seemingly calm and undisturbed after killing Duncan & claims to never give much thought to the witches
How does Banquo describe Duncan’s attitude and actions toward Macbeth – Duncan has been increasingly joyful and generous especially towards Macbeth- Hands Macbeth a diamond, a gift from Duncan as a present for Lady Macbeth’s hospitality.
What advice is Banquo giving Macbeth suggesting that whatever actions are to be done should be executed with honor and a clear conscience
How is Banquo portrayed in contrast to Macbeth ethical, respectable, and righteous individual in contrast to Macbeth and his ruthless mindset
What is Macbeth’s State of mind at the start of the soliloquy? Macbeth is delusional and paranoid over what he is about to do to Duncan. He is imagining objects out in front of him because fear is taking over his head (the dagger)
At what point in the soliloquy does Macbeth’s mental state change? when he finally realizes that there is no dagger out in front of him and it is his mind playing games with him
How does Macbeth feel about killing Duncan at the start of the soliloquy? his decision to kill Duncan was unchanging since he already decided upon the instrument he was using
How does he feel about the murder at the end? At what point in the soliloquy does his attitude change? – begins to show guilt & shame at the end of the soliloquy when he tells the ground, “Hear not my steps, which way they walk, for fear Thy very stones prate of my whereabout, And take the present horror from the time” (2.1.60-62). he does not want to remember or for anyone to know of the murder he committed.
Describe Lady Macbeth’s state of mind as Macbeth is committing the murder. Amped up nervously excitedslightly paranoid of the noises from outside
How is Lady Macbeth’s character beginning to change in this scene? How is she continuing the exhibit the character traits already observed in her? she gives into her worries and is apprehensive regarding the soundsever-present ambition goes back to calling Macbeth a coward
How do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth act immediately after the murder (lines 14 – 21)? get caught up in their heads and are on edge after the murderfrightened of the noises
What does the conversation after the murder about the servants between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth reveal Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth the two servants may have seen the murder When the men awoke and began to pray
What does the conversation after the murder about the noises between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth reveal Macbeth explains the voices were talking to him & he becomes increasingly nervous(it foreshadow his future) “Glamis hath murdered sleep, and therefore Cawdor/Shall sleep no more—Macbeth shall sleep no more”(2.2. 39-40). Macbeth kills Duncan in his sleep –will never sleep again. Lady Macbeth remains calm and reminds Macbeth that he cannot speak of it in such a negative manner or else it will drive them both to guilt.
How does Macbeth feel about the murder he has just committed? uneasy and is afraid – knocking at the gate
How does Lady Macbeth respond to Duncan’s murder? maintains a level head and handles Macbeth’s anxiety by taking control of the situation and sending him off to bed
Porter servant at the gates to a castle that opens and closes the gates there is knocking at the gate to pick up King Duncan Porter is drunk
What does the porter do? Pretending he is the Gate keeper of Hell and opening the gates to hell for people
People that the porter opens the gates for • 1st person – farmer who committed suicide because his harvest came in less then he thought • 2nd person – an Equivocators (someone who argues anything and then makes them unclear) who committed treason o Equivocators were unpopular bc there was the Gunpowder plot • 3rd – stole cloth from a sewer *like baking brownies for someone and taking halff** = GREED
Symbolism of the Shakespeare is explaining why Macbeth is going to hell Traitor – killed Duncan Farmer – he though when he killed Duncan everything would be perfect & way he wanted –>not true –> over estimates his ability Cloth – Macbeth Gets greedy & takes advantage of all the good things Duncan gives him
3 things alcohol makes you do 1.Causes nose painting – nose turns red2.Makes you sleepy 3.Makes you have to pee
Lechery Makes you want it really horny but you cant get it up Comic Relief – Included in the play to lighten the mood and be funny
3 People against Duncan 1. Thane of Cawdor 2. Macbeth 3. People think the sons paied the servants to kill Duncan so they can be king
How do the thanes (Duncan’s sons) react to the death of Duncan? How does this reflect Jacobean philosophies and beliefs about royalty? • upset & afraid & run away bc they are afraid they will be killed • Jacobins believe that it would be a grieves mortal sin against God • When the play was written monarch were appointed by God • To kill a king would to be killing God • Sacrilege – a sin against God •Immense mortal sin against God
Sacrilege a sin against God
Jacobins belief on kings death grieves mortal sin against God to kill an appointed ruler
Irony in Lady Macbeth’s reaction to Duncan’s death Dramatic irony – Lady Macbeth is playing dumb bcshe was the one who plotted the murder
What is Macbeth’s mental state? How does he feel about having murdered Duncan? • He is having a hard time keeping to together. • He is doing better then is was the night of the murder • He see is borderline mentally unstable. He feels guilty about killing Duncan.• He is rattled
Why does Macbeth kill the servents and what does it reveal • He kills them to show and get and passion for Duncan and disgust in their lack of protection of the king •He claims that the servants are hypocrites because they claimed to love and serve him but they were the ones who killed him • Murder of the servants shows that Macbeth is guilty & paranoid & at desperate to measures to carry out the plan seamlessly
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain decide to flee Scotland? • they think that they are targets because people are assuming that the paied of the servents to kill their dad in order for them to be king • This is not wise because it makes them look guiltier then they really are because by fleeing it makes them look like are guiltier then they actually are
Where does Malcolm flee to? England
Where does Doolblain flee to? Scotland
Discussion between Old Man and Rosse of weird things that happened
Owl & flacon representation A falcon was caught and killed by an ordinary owl that usually goes after mice o Owls don’t kill falcons o Falcon & Duncan o Macbeth & the Owl o The universe will be screwed up until Macbeth dies
weird thing about horses Duncan’s horses beautiful & swift horses suddenly turned wild and broke out of their stalls and ate each other
Why is chaos happening? The Whole world is turning in to chaos because Macbeth broke the Chain of being by killing DuncanDisorder in one sphere of the universe causes disorder in all other spheres
What happens between Macbeth and Macduff at the coronation • Macduff is not going to Macbeths coronation • He is going back to his castle Fife• Doesn’t like Macbtehr

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