Macbeth Act 2&3

how does shakespeare let his audience know that it is night time in scene 1 banquo & others walk in with torches
approx. what time is it after midnight
what does banquo clue you in on he has a desire to kill Duncan so he can put Fleance on the thrown
what is macbeth offering banquo he will talk to banquo about the prophecy; if banquo is on macbeth’s side he will be rewarded
what is banquo’s reaction he says he’s macbeth’s guy unless his allegiance to the king is questioned
relate this conversation to this witches’ prophecy about banquo lesser than macbeth, yet greater
macbeth tells the servant to have his wife ring the bell when his drink is ready. what is supposed to happen when the bell rings? they are going to kill Duncan; the servants will have passed out
what does macbeth see before his eyes a dagger
what is covering it blood
whose? duncan
what has made him conjure up this image his ID, witches w/a spell, his desire
what does macbeth tell duncan not to do? why? don’t hear the bell; it’s hard to kill him when he’s awake
what has helped lady macbeth be bold she’s drunk
who is the “fatal bellman” the owl
why couldn’t lady macbeth kill duncan herself duncan looked too much like her father
when did the owl shriek when macbeth killed duncan
why couldn’t macbeth say “Amen” he feels so guilty that he can’t say it/his conscious won’t let him
why is macbeth so in need of a blessing he feels guilty & feels like he committed a sin
what is happening to macbeth’s character he is becoming hostile/having a breakdown
what is sleep being compared to -chief nourisher in life’s feast-balm of hurt minds-knits of raveled sleave of care-great nature’s second course
what does is mean when macbeth hearse “Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep” sleep = innocence & he has “murdered” all opportunities by killing duncan; nightmares
what has macbeth forgotten to do plant the daggers
what must lady macbeth do put the daggers on the guards
what image does macbeth use to describe the depth of his guilt if he put his hands in the ocean, the ocean would turn from blue to run; not enough water to get him “clean”
when lady macbeth hears a knocking, what does she tell macbeth to do get into their night clothes/act like he had just woken up
what does macbeth wish at the end of the scene wishes he hadn’t killed duncan
what is ironic about the porter asking who is at the gate in the name of Beelzebub macbeth is being compared to the devil & he has just committed a serious sin
how is the porter describing macbeth’s castle being compared to Hell
what is the porter asking for when he says “I pray you, remember the porter” asking for a tip
according to the porter, what does drinking do -nose-painting (red nose)-sleep-urine-lechery
what does Lennox say happened at the camp at the same moment duncan was killed, an earthquake seemed to have occurred, the wind put out their fires, screams of death were heard-supernatural things
what would happen to any woman who heard about duncan’s death she will die from shock
what does macbeth admit to doing killing the 2 chamberlains
what has changed within macbeth killed the chamberlains/becomes more wicked/thinking more
what happens to lady macbeth she faints
why trying to distract from macbeth; he might confess
what are malcolm & donalbain coming to realize they must leave the country to be safe
where is malcolm going england
where is donalbain going ireland
what does “there’s daggers in men’s smiles” mean possible that someone in the room is connected to the murder & they are hiding it by acting surprised with everyone else
what are malcolm and donalbain talking about when they say that someone is showing an “unfelt sorrow” someone is lying
what can we conclude about their leaving they are afraid the they/someone else is going to die
what is happening with the weather an eclipse has taken place; supernatural (God is angry that macbeth killed duncan)
what happened to duncan’s horses they ran away and ate each other
according to macduff, what part did malcolm & donalbain play in duncan’s murder since they left/fled so quicly, they are suspicious of bribing the chamberlains to kill duncan
what happened to macbeth he is gone to Scone to be crowned king
who doesn’t go to macbeth’s crowning macduff
what does macduff say about his older title doesn’t think their (upper level nobles) new titles are much good
what does banquo reveal about macbeth at the beginning of act 3 he killed duncan to become king so he could make the prophecies become true
what does banquo reveal about himself he wants to know why his son has not been king yet
what does macbeth do that is conspicuous he asks banquo specific questions regarding his whereabouts
why does macbeth clear the room so everyone will enjoy each others company more
why isn’t being king good enough for macbeth he wants to be king SAFELY and he is worried about possible threats
what does macbeth mean when he says that the witches place a “fruitless crown” on his head and “barren scepter” in his hand being king has no benefits/he’s worried about not having successors; not having the ability to make a child
what does macbeth do in order to get the help of the murderors told the murderers that banquo is the reason for their suffering & place in society
what is macbeth trying to say when he compares men to dogs all men aren’t the same, some are better at killing than others
what has forced the murderers to kill driven by what macbeth told them earlier
what information will macbeth give the murderers answers to questions macbeth was asking banquo earlier; time, hour & location
what does macbeth demand of the murderers to kill fleance
what is wrong with lady macbeth at the beginning of act 2 confused b/c macbeth kicked her out; thinks it would be easier to be dead
what is lady macbeth trying to get macbeth to do calm down & don’t commit the murder of banquo
what isn’t macbeth content he could lose the crown; duncan is dead but not banquo
why can’t macbeth sleep nightmares/death of duncan
what does macbeth equate with sleep duncan
what does macbeth envy duncan of? why? his death because duncan doesn’t have to worry about his problems anymore
of what is macbeth reminding lady macbeth reminding her to mention banquo over & over
what part will lady macbeth play in banquo’s murder she’s not involved in this murder
how has the relationship between lady macbeth and macbeth changed macbeth no longer needs lady macbeth; he is starting to treat her like a real woman
why has a murderer been added just to be on the safe side; outnumber the victims
how are the murderers sure that the person approaching is banquo everyone at the party has already arrived/heard his voice
what happens at the murder of banquo light gets knocked out/fleance runs away
how did fleance get away all 3 murderers went for banquo, light went out so they couldn’t get him
why do you think shakespeare had banquo’s murder shown on-stage when duncan’s was not shows how macbeth is becoming more evil; he killed his own friend
what does this do to macbeth’s character development his character is degrading; not the person he used to be
this scene is often called the “turning point” for macbeth because fleance escaped. why? macbeth has failed; lady macbeth wasn’t part of the planning
how is macbeth arranging his guests by social rank; higher rank = closer to macbeth
how does macbeth describe himself before fleance escaped he was perfect, hadn’t failed
how does macbeth describe since fleance has escaped he feels trapped, failed for the first time
describe banquo’s murder according the murderer cut his throat & stabbed him 20 times in the head
why does lady macbeth approach her husband people are noticing that the king is gone; he needs to return
what do you think is better for the theater, a real ghost of banquo or an illusion of macbeth’s an illusion of macbeth’s to show his guilt
why does macbeth say banquo isn’t at dinner he was being rude
why can’t macbeth sit down ghost of banquo is sitting in his chair
which line makes macbeth’s hallucination known to his noblemen “which of you have done this?”
how does lady macbeth explain her husband’s actions says he has had a mental illness since he was young
according to macbeth, what is wrong with nature the dead are rising again (banquo’s ghost)
how does macbeth explain his odd behavior to his guests he has a strange infirmity & needs wine
what happens to macbeth when the ghost leaves he is a man again/can control himself
how does lady macbeth get the other lords to leave she tells them to get out
why is hecate angry with the other 3 witches she wasn’t included when the other 3 witches gave macbeth his prophecy
why 3 things does hecate say macbeth will do spurn fact, scorn death & bare his hopes above wisdom, grace and fear
what is macbeth’s chief enemy his own arrogance/overconfidence

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