Banquo’s Son Fleance
What does MacBeth see when he goes to kill Duncan? A floating dagger
Signal from Lady M to MacBeth Sounding of a bell
What is a funeral bell knell
What does MacBeth return from murder with? 2 daggers
Who puts the daggers back? Lady MacBeth
What does she do to the two attendants? Plants the daggers on them and puts Duncan’s blood on their faces
What does she say will clean them of this deed? Water
Who knocks on the door very late? MacDuff and Lennox
Who answers? Drunk porter
What does the drunk porter serve as…? comic relief
Who finds the murdered king? MacDuff
Who does not see the body originally? Lennox
Who does MacBeth kill out of “emotion”? The 2 attendants
Where does Malcom go? England
Where does Donalbaine go? Ireland
Who is the Thane of Fife? MacDuff
Who is crowned King of Scotland? MacBeth
Where is he crowned? Scone
Where is Duncan buried? Colmekill
Who does Malcom stay with? Edward the Confessor
Where is MacBeth’s new castle? Forres
Who voices suspicion at the beginning of act III? Banquo
How many “innocuous” questions does MacBeth ask? Three
How many murderers does MacBeth originally meet with? Two
Who is killed? Banquo
Who escapes? Fleance
How many murderers are at the scene? 3
Where does the murder happen? At a park near the castle
Who doesn’t go to MacBeth’s banquet? MacDuff
What appears in a chair to MacBeth? Banquo’s ghost
What does Lady MacBeth blame this on? Childhood infirmity
What does Lady MacBeth do after the second outburst? Dismisses the party
Who is MacBeth going to see to get answers? The Wyrd Sisters
Who is the goddess of the witches? Hecate
Why is she angry? The witches did not consult her before prophesying to MacBeth
What does she think of MacBeth? He is selfish.
What will she make MacBeth’s potion from? Moondrop
What will this do to MacBeth? He will think he is immortal
Who voices suspicion at the end of act III? Lennox
Who does Lennox sarcastically say must’ve killed Banquo? Fleance
Where has MacDuff fled too? England (to be with Malcolm)
Who does MacDuff want help from? Siward the Elder
What is Siward the Earl of? Earl of Northumberland
What does MacDuff wish to do? Raise an army to overthrow MacBeth
What is the murder of a king? Regicide
What is the murder of a father? Patricide

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