Macbeth Act 2 & 3

” A heavy summons lies like the lead upon me and yet I would not sleep: merciful powers, restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature gives way to repose” Banquo to fleance:Banquo is saying he is not very tired and is stressed , he is having trouble falling asleep, he is thinking about what the witches predictions.LIT TERMS:Aliteration: lies like leadSimile: Comparing the predictions to led
What does Banquo do for duncan in act 2 scene 1 Banquo delievered a diamond to macbeth for duncan.
What is Macbeth’s response when banquo says he had a dream about the three witches? He lies so he doesn’t give anything away and says “I think not of them” Irony
In Macbeth Soliloquy what does he hallucinate seeing?How are -Symbolism-foreshadowing-internal conflict seen? The DaggerSymbolism: Dagger is a symbol for macbeth killing duncan Foreshadowing: Blood on dagger Internal Conflict: He should kill duncan or not
Lady Macbeth’s concerns in act 2 scene 2 1. Macbeth didn’t follow through and kill duncan 2. Macbeth won’t be able to find daggers that she put out for him3. Guards will wake up
Why doesn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan and what does this show When Duncan was sleeping he looked like her father and that she shows emotion
What pun does macbeth say in scene 2 of act 2 This is a “sorry sight”Two meanings1. He regrets killing duncan 2. Blood on hand is distgusting
What did Malcolm and Donalbain say in their sleep? and how did macbeth respond? Murder and God Bless us, Macbeth’s throat wouldnt let him say it because he was scared god would punish him
What does lady macbeth say to macbeth about his guilt? If you keeping thinking about it you’ll make yourself crazy
“sleep no more macbeth does murder sleep’ the innocent sleep” Macbeth says: he is not gonna sleep anymore because of his guiltiness Personification- the innocent sleep
what did macbeth forget to do when killing duncan? place daggers on guards and then refuses to do it.
What is lady macbeth’s plan in scene 2 act 2 after killing duncan? 1. put daggers back on bodyguards2. put nightgowns on3. act like they just woke up and be surprised
What is the function of the porter? To provide comic relief
Three people that might be at the door according to the porter 1.Cross dressing tailor2. Farmer who hung himself3. Lawyer who lied
what three things does drinking provoke? sleep, urine, and nose painting
Who was supposed to wake up and is the first person to see duncan dead? Macduff
“the spring, the head, the fountain of your blood is stopp’d by the very source of it is stopp’d” Macbeth said to donalbain and malcolm: the head of your family tree is deadMetaphor: comparing duncan to fountain of blood
“will all great neptune’s ocean wash this blood/ clean from my hand” Macbeth says: He is always gonna feel guilty/ about killing duncan, all the water in the world will not clean macbeths hand- hyperbole and allusion
Why are Malcolm and Donalbain considered suspects in the death of their father duncan? Both fled scotland after their fathers deathMalcolm to England Donalbain to ireland
What did macbeth do to the servants? he killed them.
What gift does king duncan bring for lady macbeth? jewelry
“who can be amazed and temperate and furious, loyal and neutral in a moment? No man: the expedition my violent love out run the pauser, reason”. Macbeth said to lady macbeth, macduff, malcolm: macbeth’s emotion were racing when he found out the guards killed duncan (dramatic irony) and emotions took over when seeking revenge. LIT TERMS:Dramatic IronyApperance vs Reality: Appears to be a good cousin by killing guards but in reality he trying to cover up for himselfPersonification: Violent love
What does malcolm say in his first aside? Him and Donalbain are going to get blamed for killing duncan
” daggers in men’s smile” Donalbain said: someone is responsible for killing duncan and acting nice to them.Metaphor: Daggers to men that can’t be trustedApperance vs reality: smile
In Scene 4, Old man says Nature is out of tune because Duncan’s children killed him. What is out of tune? 1. Owl eats killing falcon 2. Duncan’s horse breaking free3. Horses are eating each other
In scene 4 what does macduff tell the old man? 1. Macbeth is being crowned king in stone2. Malcolm and Donalbain fled and they are being blamed3. Duncan’s body are going to colmekill
What is banquo thinking about in the beginning of act 3? He is wondering if prediction’s will come true, if macbeth’s predictions came true, if macbeth made them come true.
where will banquo be and what two things does macbeth want banquo to do in act 3 scene 1? Banquo is horseback riding with his son fleanance and macbeth wants him come back for the feast and give him advice on something
“To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus” Macbeth said: it’s better to be safe than sorry, killing banquet and fleance just incase there a threat.
what does a bell ringing in act 2 scene 1 mean? Lady macbeth has taken care of the guards
What allusion is mentioned by macbeth in act 3 Marc anthony appeared to be loyal to Julius Caesar and then betrayed himAllusion- Comparing banquo to Marc Anthonyand Julius caesar to macbeth
what is a barren scepter? A symbol for power and in the lines “upon my head, they placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in my gripe, thence be wrench’d with an unlineal hand, no son of mine succeeding” he means he has no one to pass the stick and crown to.Pun: macbeth is sterile and power
the seed of banquo metaphor
What is the second half of macbeth soliloquy mean in act 3 scene 1 Macbeth is feeling guilty about killing duncan and he isn’t getting the benefits from it and the only way to ease his stress and guilt is to kill banquo and fleance
How does macbeth convince the murders to kill banquo? He tells them banquo is reasponseable for their mis-fourn-chuns
What does macbeth say about men? Men are like dogs and their many different kinds and have different characteristics
Why does macbeth say he can’t kill banquo? They have mutual friends and it would be weird
Macbeth’s plan to kill banquo: 1. do not kill him near the castle so he isn’t associated with it2. kill banquo before the feast 3. kill fleance also
” things without all remedy be should be without regard: what’s done is done” telling macbeth that he needs to stop stressing about killing duncan because what is done is done
“we have scotch’d the snake, not killed it; she’ll close and be herself, whilst our poor malice remains in danger of her former tooth” Macbeth saying to lady macbeth: killing duncan isn’t enough he has to kill banquo and fleance in order for snake to be deadMetaphor: for threats against macbeth’s kingdom
How does lady want macbeth to behave? Nice and happy at party especially to banquo
“O full in my mind, dear wife! Thou know’st that banquo, and his Fleance, lives” very stressed out: Metaphor of Scorpions are symbolic for headaches, stressed out, bad thoughts
What does macbeth say to lady macbeth and how does macbeth treat lady macbeth in act 3 scene 2 “be innocent to dead and you’ll applaud after”he isn’t treating her as an equal anymore
“be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, till thou applaud the deed. come seeling night (apostrophe), scarf up the tender eye of pitiful day: and with thy bloody and invisible hand cancel and tear to pieces that great bond which keeps me pale!” Macbeth to lady macbeth: macbeth is not going to lady macbeth the plan, she’ll just have to celebrate when it’s done, and macbeth wants it to be night so fleance and banquo will be dead already Motif: night and darknessPersonification:Apostrophe: seeking nightMetaphor: bond compared to fleance and banquo
Who sent for the third murder? Infer it’s macbeth
How did banquo die? Murders killed him by slashing his face 20 times and slit his throat
“i had else been perfect, whole as marble, founded as the rouck, as broad and general as the casing air: but now I am cabin’d, cribb’d confined, bound in to saucy doubts ands fears”. Macbeth said: Macbeth was feeling calm and confident when he thought both of banquo and fleance were dead. But then he becomes a mess. Alliteration: cabin’d, cribbed, confined. Simile: Whole as marble
“There the grown serpent lies, the worms that’s fled hath nature that in time will venom breed, no teeth for the present.” Metaphor: Comparing Banquo to snakeMetaphor: Comparing Fleance to a wormWorm will get stronger and turn into snake.
Who does macbeth see that no one else does and why cant he sit down act 3 scene 4? A ghost of banquo and he is in his seat
Where is banquets body after he is killed? In a ditch
“thou canst not say i did it never shake the glory locks at me” Macbeth says: you can’t blame me
What does lady macbeth ask the guests do when macbeth starts seeing banquo at first? She tells them to stay because its only fit and he will be well momentarily
What does lady macbeth eventually have to do when macbeth see’s banquo ? she tells them that questions will enrage him and all must leave.
“are you man” Lady macbeth asks macbeth: Macbeth is acting womanly and not like a strong and powerful like a man should be. Motif of man: strong and powerful
“those that we bury back, our monuments shall be the maws of kits” When you die and comeback to life birds are gonna get you
“the time has been that when the brains were out, the man would die, and there an end. But not they rise again with twenty mortal murders on them…” the old way was people used to come not comeback to life(when they die they die) and the new way is people come back to life
“blood will have blood” macbeth says: banquo is gonna seek revenge on him
Who did not show up at the feast and what is macbeth going to do about it? Macduff didn’t show up and macbeth has a spy in macduff’s house.
What does lady macbeth tell macbeth to do in act 3 scene 4 tell him to go to sleep
Why was hecate upset with the three witches 1. she was not included with the meeting of macbeth2. Macbeth is a mean and selfish man who doesn’t always do the right thing3. Their predictions cause macbeth to kill people
dark hour metaphor for death
dead are at peace hyperbole
“How did you hath done hath been but for a wayward son, spiteful and wrathful, who, as others do, loves for his own ends, not for you.” Hecate said to other witches: why did you the predictions to macbeth when he is a bad man who doesn’t always do the right thing
“and by the strength of their illusion shall draw him on to his confusion” Hecate said explaining: she is gonna go places and put a spell together so they can macbeth images to confuse him about his future
” He shall spurn fate, scorn death, and bear he hopes’ above wisdom, grace and fear: and you know security is mortal’s chiefest enemy.” Macbeth has so much excessive pride( hubris) that it’s his downfall
Why does macbeth plan to see the witches? he wants to know the worst of the prophecy
“in pious rage the the two delinquent tear, that were slaves of drink and thralls of sleep”/ Lennox questions: Macbeth killed the guards because the guards killed duncan
Where does the lord say macduff at the end of act 3 Macduff is going to england to convince malcolm and the british army led by seaward to come and fight scotland and macbeth’s people are being killed and hungry
What does lord hope for the people of scotland? they will be at peace once macbeth is gone.

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