macbeth act 2

what is the central idea Shakespeare’s the tragedy of Macbeth act two A murderer must live with his conscience
for what of the following reasons that Shakespeare probably choose to write the tragedy of Macbeth in blank verse to create an effect of natural speech
in the tragedy of Macbeth act two scene two Lady McBeth’s purpose in drugging the servants is what so they will sleep the king Dunkins murder
what characterizes theline from The tragedy of Macbeth ” this night great business into my dispatch”As blank verse I has 10 syllables with the stress falling on every second syllable
what symbols in the tragedy of Macbeth act two scene ii signals that the murder has been acomplished owls scream and the crickets cries
in the tragedy of Macbeth act two Macbeth declares he will sleep no more because he believes what his conscience will never let him rest
in the tragedy of Macbeth act two what does McBeth really mean when he indicates that the blood on his hands will redden all the seas it is a comment on his profound guilt
in the old man’s dialogue in the tragedy of Macbeth act two scene 4 what symbolizes King Duncan a horse
in the following quotation from Banquo in the tragedy of Macbeth up to what does he say the purpose of meeting should be? and when we have a naked frailties hid,/that suffer in exposure, let us meet/and question this most bloody piece of work,/to know it further. Fears and scrumples shake us to know the bloody piece of work further
in the tragedy of Macbeth act two when Lady McBeth says my hands are of your color but I shame/to wear heart so white, she means what her hands are red with Duncan’s blood but unlike her husband she’s not afraid
why do you suppose Shakespeare made Banquo the last person McBeth says before he murders King Duncan in the tragedy of Macbeth act two Banquo, who is loyal to the king, represents McBeth’s last chance to do it and call off his murderous plan
in the tragedy of Macbeth act two what reason does lady McBeth get for not killing King Duncan herself she says the king looks like her father as he slept
unrhymed iambic pentameter Is also called what blank verse
make sense of blank verse you must do what read and analyze each full sentence, no matter where the line breaks
in the tragedy of Macbeth act two, by killing Duncan, what does McBeth most clearly seek to augment power
what feelings or attitudes does McBeth most clearly expressed in his final speech in the tragedy of Macbeth act two scene one lines 31 through 64 hesitation
what is the general effect of the blank verse that Shakespeare uses through poetry it tries to capture the rhyme of spoken English
according to Lady McBeth why doesn’t she kill Duncan herself she could not kill the sleeping Duncan because in sleep he resembled her father. She expresses this reason in act two scene two lines 12 effective
What character in the tragedy of Macbeth act two does not speak in blank verse The Porter and scene iii
based on Malcolm’s and Donalbains remarks at the end of the tragedy of Macbeth act two, scene iii what seems to be the reason for leaving scotland? How do their actions play into the hands of McBeth they leave because they fear that has close male relatives of Dunkins with strong claims to The Scottish throne they will be targets of whatever person murdered Duncan however they’re suspicious fly allows the Macbeth’s to suggest that they are behind Dunkins murder as McDuffs remark in act two scene four lines 24 Thursday27 indicates
augment to make greater
palpable capable of being touched
mulititudinous existing in great numbers
equivocate to mislead or to see through words
predominace superiority
steathly sly, furtive

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