Macbeth Act 2.1—2.2

In line 2, Fleance says, “The moon is down.” What is the double meaning behind this statement? It is night time and the king is asleep
What does Banquo ask for in prayer when he says, “Merciful powers,/Restrain in me the cursed thoughts that nature/gives way to in repose”? he wants them to take away the nightmares he is having
Contrast Banquo’s prayer to Lady Macbeth’s prayer in Act 1 Banquo asks for good strength, mercy powers Lady Macbeth asks for bad strength from deadly spirits
Macbeth makes Banquo an offer in lines 25-26. What is the offer? What does he respond? He offers Banquo good in the future Banquo says as long as he has a good conscience he will do it
What object leads Macbeth toward his evil deed? a dagger
What does Macbeth request, or pray for, in lines 56-59? that no one hears him when he leaves his room
How does John 3:19-21 inform your reading of Macbeth’s words in lines 56-59? He wants to stay in the dark Eventually the light is going to come out, you cannot hide it
How has Lady Macbeth played her part in the murder of King Duncan? she got the guests drunk, drugged their bed time drinks, and laid out the daggers
If Lady Macbeth has such little trust in Lord Macbeth to do the bloody business, why did she not kill King Duncan herself? she sees her father in King Duncan
What does Macbeth hear one of his guests exclaim in their sleep after Macbeth had murdered King Duncan? Murder
When Macbeth’s guests say a prayer before returning to sleep, what is Macbeth unable to say? What could it mean that he is not able to say it? Amenhe is in a state of sin and has guilt
Fill in the blank:Macbeth hears a voice say “Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder ___________” Sleep
How does Lady Macbeth plan on causing the murder of King Duncan to be blamed on his guards? She put the daggers on the guards and also wipes the blood of Duncan on them
How do Lord and Lady Macbeth respond differently after the murder? Lord Macbeth feels guilty and is scared Lady Macbeth is proud but wants to put the blame on the guards
What does the last line of the scene tell you about Macbeth’s feelings about his bloody deed? He wishes he could wake Duncan back up

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