Macbeth Act 1 vocab terms

Adage True
Anon Soon
Battlements A wall of open spaces to shoot through on top of a building
Beguile To trick or cheat
Brandished To wave or flourish
Buttress Built to hold up a building
Chamberlains A person who manages a household of a ruler
Chastise To punish or scold
Charibum Angels
Direful Frightful
Disdaining Scornful
Feat Accomplishment
Freize A decorative band on the wall
Gall To annoy
Heath Field
Herald Reporter of news
Impedes To destroy or obstruct
Imperial Having supreme authority
Leige A lord
Mettle Courage
Quell To quiet
Recompense To reward
Repentance Guilt
Shoal Shallow place in a body of water
Surmise To guess
Trammel To trap or confine
Valiant/valor Bravery
Vantage A position that provides a broad view
Villainies Evil
Wanton Unrestrained and wild

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