Macbeth act 1 scenes 6-7

Summary scene 6 Duncan arrives and lady macbeth greets him. Duncan uses praisig language to address her(creates dramatic irony as audience knows lady macbeth is oretendinv nd plans for him ti die ) . As duncan is at macbeths home shes the hostess meaning it was ur duty to protect them. Ironic
Summary scene 7 Macbeth has a soliloquy where he thinks through what would happen if he murdered Duncan. He knows there will be consequences . He is struggling to take actions. He realises the only thing making him want to kill Duncan is ambition. Lady macbeth appears and Macbeth tells her that they will not go further with their plans. Lady macbeth really manipulates macbeth into murdering Duncan. She become aggressive in her language and tells him he’s a coward and tries to show him positive outcomes if he does it(he’ll be more than just a man) and she makes him feel guilty for breaking a promise to his wife. Lady Macbeth tells macbeth she plans to get king Duncan’s men drunk so that the blame will be put on servants. Macbeth agrees to go through with the plan.
Scene 7 what macbeth says to lady macbeth about ditching the plan “We will proceed no further in this business” Macbeth is enjoying honour that Duncan has given him he doesn’t want to ruin it. He hasn’t been corrupted by his ambition yet
Scene 7 What lady macbeth says to manipulate macbeth by calling him a coward “Live a coward in thine own esteem,/ Letting ‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would'”. She says he’s a coward for not going after what he wants. She asks him if he wants to live his life never daring to take anything he wants.
Scene 7 what macbeth says to lady macbeth when he decides to go through with plan “false face must hide… What the false heart doth know” suggests to just carry on normally to hide their intentions

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