Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3

The collective personality of the witches They’re obident
What do the sisters call themselves Sisters
“So foul and fair a day I have not seen”? They won the war so Macbeth is happy but is not because people died
What three titles do the witches give Macbeth Thane of glamis-which he isThane of cawdor-he is but doesn’t know King- soon to be
What is dramatic irony The audience knows but they don’t
What’s banquos reaction to the witches predictions He doesn’t believe the witches that Macbeth will be great things, but wants to know his future
What will the witches predict for banquo He will father kings, but he himself will not be one
What does Macbeth mean when he says “stop, you’ve told me half of the story” He wants to know more
What are the paradox in this scene Fair is foul, foul is fair Lesser than MacbethNot so happy yet much happier
Who is introduced as a messenger Ross

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