Macbeth act 1 scene 2-5

“Destaining fortune” act 1 scene 2 He was risking his life showing his loyalty
“Good…hardy soldier…brave” act 1 scene 2 Positive adjectives used to describe Macbeths loyalty before we have even met him
“Cannot be ill, cannot be good” act 1 scene 3 He thinks that it can’t be bad before it can’t be good showing disloyalty but he’s still conflicted
“Murder” act 1 scene 3 His first thought of killing the king. Massive disloyalty but he puts the thought away
“Owe…pay” act 1 scene 4 Signs of disloyalty because he is making it sound like a money transaction. He’s not actually loyal
“Your thrown and state, children and servants” act 1 scene 4 He is over exaggerating his allegiance to the king because he is scared that the king will find out
“Greatness is promised thee” act 1 scene 5 He is loyal to his wife because he calls her his equal in greatness. He is telling her she will be queen
Macbeth and lady Macbeth talk. Act 1 scene 5 Lady Macbeth dominates the conversation and is very forceful to Macbeth. Loyalty because he listens and follows her

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