Macbeth Act 1 Quiz

act a division within a play, much like chapters of a novel
aside lines that are spoken by a character directly to the audience
cast of characters a list of characters presented before the action begins
comedy a humorous work of drama
dialogue conversation between two or more characters
drama a work of literature designed to be performed in front of an audience
dramatic irony when the audience or reader knows something that the characters in the story do not know
iambic pentameter a line of poetry that contains 5 iambs of two syllables each
monologue a long speech spoken by a character to himself, another character, or to the audience
scene a division of an act into smaller parts
soliloquy thoughts spoken aloud by a character when he or she is alone, or thinks he or she is alone
stage directions italicized comments that identify parts of the setting or the use of props or costumes, five further information about a character, or provide background information
tragedy a serious work of drama in which the hero suffers catastrophe or serious misfortune, usually because of his own actions
chastise punish
dwindle decrease
lavish abundant
prophetic foreshadowing
surmise guess
trifle unimportant
wrought shaped

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