Macbeth Act 1 and Context

Who was king or queen when Shakespeare wrote Macbeth? James 1st
What was the gunpowder plot and how does it relate to Macbeth? Guy Fawkes and gang tried to blow up Parliament and King James because they wanted to replace him (a Protestant) with a Catholic monarch. It is important because Macbeth was a cautionary tale against trying to harm the king.
What is the divine right of kings? God appointed the King to rule over the country.
What is the hierarchy of being? Belief that God placed people in a “hierarchy” that resembles the feudal system. To try to go to a different level in the hierarchy would be to rebelling against God
List examples from Macbeth that exemplify the belief of the “divine right of kings” or “hierarchy of being.” Several options for this question:Nature “rebelling” after Duncan was killed by having wild weather and animals going crazy (like horses eating each other or an owl trying to kill a hawk).After Macbeth killed the King, the witches refer to him as “wicked”After killing the King, Lady Macbeth went madAfter killing the King, Macbeth could not escape his destiny of being killedMacbeth was a bad king, known as a tyrantMacbeth could not pray (say “Amen”) after killing the king
In act 1 a captain brought news to Duncan about a battle. What kind of battle was it? A civil war (thanes had rebelled against the king)
What was the consequence for Cawdor’s treachery? He was killed (his title was passed to Macbeth)
What prophecies were given to Macbeth in act 1 (when he was with Banquo)? He would be the Thane of Glames, Thane of Cawdor, and eventually king
What prophecy was given to Banquo? His sons would be king, even though he would not be king.
Who does Duncan name as his successor? Malcolm
In act 1, what was Macbeth thinking about the prophecy of being king (before he sees his wife)? Answers might be slightly different, but it should be along these lines:Macbeth was thinking about the idea, but he wanted it to happen naturally and would prefer not to have to force it
How does Lady Macbeth learn about the witches’ prophecy? A letter from Macbeth
How does Lady Macbeth respond to the news about the witches’ prophecy for Macbeth? She becomes excited and wants to have the crown right away
Who creates the plan about how to kill King Duncan? Lady Macbeth
How does Lady Macbeth treat Duncan when he comes to her home? She is kind and welcoming
What kind of king is Duncan? A good, kind king. Generous, virtuous, and trusting.
What reasons did Macbeth list to dissuade him from killing the king? Macbeth is his hostMacbeth is his relativeDuncan was a good king
Who pushes Macbeth to kill the king? Lady Macbeth
What is the difference between an aside and a soliloquy? An aside is intended for the audience, normally a short phrase to inform the audience about something. The other characters cannot hear it.A soliloquy is the character thinking out loud. Normally it is longer, and involves the character (still unheard by other characters) explaining his or her thoughts and emotions

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