MacBeth Act 1

“I dare do all that may become a man; Who dares do more is none” MacBeth
“Fair is foul, and foul is fair”. The Witches
“Yet do I fear thy nature; It is too full o’ the milk of human kindness.” Lady MacBeth
“When shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly ‘s done,When the battle ‘s lost and won” MacBeth
“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under ‘t.” Lady MacBeth
“And oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths.” Banquo
“There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face.” King Duncan
“False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” MacBeth
‘but all’s too weak; for brave Macbeth, – well he deserves that name, Sergeant
‘We will establish our estate upon our eldest, Malcolm, whom we name hereafter the Prince of Cumberland.’ King Duncan
‘Fair and noble hostess, we are your guest tonight.’ King Duncan
Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts! Unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst cruelty.’ Lady MacBeth
‘We will proceed no further in this business: he hath honour’d me of late; and I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people, MacBeth
‘I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none.’ MacBeth
Letting ‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would’, like the poor cat i’ the adage?’ Lady MacBeth
‘Bring forth men-children only; for thy undaunted mettle should compose nothing but males.’ MacBeth
“Dwindle, peak, and pine.” Witches
My noble partner you greet with present grace and great prediction of noble having and of royal hope,” Banquo
‘”Gainst nature still! thriftless ambition, that wilt ravin up” Ross
“Thou hast it now: King, Cawdor, Glamis, all, as the weird women promised, and I fear thou play’dst most foully for’t; yet it was said it should not stand in thy posterity,” Banquo

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