Macbeth Act 1

In scene one how manu witches are there and what do they plan to do “when the hurly-burly’s dome, when the battle’s lost and won”? Three witches plan to meet the Macbeth
What is going on in Scotland in the beginning of the play? A war against Norway
What does the bloody captian tell King Duncan that Macbeth did to the rebel Macdonwald? Macbeth split him from his navel to his jawbone
What does Ross report to Duncan about the battle? What does this report suffest about Macbeths character? Macbeth met the norwegian attackd shot for shot and was able to be a victorious fighter. King of norway will pay $10,000 to get his men back
What two Scotsmen and one foreign king have caused trouble in Scotland? King Sweno, the thane of cowdor snd Macdonwald
How does Duncan reward Macbeth for his actions on the battlefield? What does Duncans reward tell us about his character? Macbeth is rewarded the title of the Thane of Cowdor. This shows that Duncan trusts Macbeth ans honors his abilities
When the sailors’ wife refuses to share her chestnuts with one of the Witches, what does the witch do? What does this reveal about the character of all the witches? The witch makes sure her husband dies at sea. This reveals that they are vengeful, ruthless, and seak havoc
What is the witch’s prophecy for Macbeth when they meet him on the heath? What is thier prediction for Banquo? They say Macbeth will be the thane of Cowdor and go on to become king. They tell Banqo he wont be king but his decendants will be
What is Macbeth’s reaction to the witch’s prophecy? He questions the prophecy because he knows that the thane of Cowdor is still alive. Hes confused but wants more information
What obstacle does Duncan place between Macbeth and the throne of Scotland. What does Macbeth plan to do about it? Duncan names Malcom prince of Cumberland and Macbeth plans to do nothing
What is the content of the letter Macbeth sends to lady Macbeth? What is her reaction to this letter as she ponders her husbands personality? What does a messenger tell Lady Macbeth will be happening that very night? It is the witch’s prophecy for Macbeth. The messenger says that the king is coming that night. Lady Macbeths reaction is that she questions Macbeths fallings and manhood. She is also warned that the king will not be killed.
What does Lady Macbeth call on the spirits and the night to do? She dosent want to be compassionate and asks them to make her cruel
When they finally reunite, what does Lady Macbeth tell Macbeth to do about deception and “this nights great business” She says she will take care of everything
How does Lady Macbeth treat Macbeth when he telker her he had changed his mind about doing this deed? What does she claim that she would be willing to do before she would go back on her word? She treats his cruely. She said she would rather kill her baby than go back on her word
What does Lady Macbeth say to Macbeth when he fears that they may fail at this murder? If they stick together they will always succeed
What is the plan for Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to get away with this murder? Lady Macbeth will put a sleeping potion in wine and make the guards drink it. Macbeth will then steal their daggers and kill Duncan amd smear his blood on the guards to make them look guilty

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