Macbeth Act 1 & 2 Vocabulary -Marion

Plight Definition : dilemma; troubles; predicamentPart of Speech : nounConjugation : plights (plural)Antonyms : afflictionSynonyms : quandary, trouble, predicament
Aside Definition : line that are spoken by a character directly to the audiencePart of Speech : nounConjugation : asides (plural)
Sooth Definition : truthPart of Speech : noun (archaic)Conjugation : Sooths (plural)
Pretense Definition : a facade, or act of deceptionPart of Speech : nounConjugation :Pretenses(plural)Antonyms : realitySynonyms : charade
Dialogue Definition : conversation between two or more charactersPart of Speech : nounConjugation :dialogues(plural)Antonyms : conversationSynonyms : silence
Drama Definition : a work of literature designed to be performed in front of the audiencePart of Speech : nounConjugation :Dramas (plural)Synonym(s) : play
Dramatic Irony Definition : when the audience or reader knows something that the characters in the story do not know.Part of Speech : nounConjugation :Dramatic Ironies
Verbal Irony Definition : is the use of words to mean something different from what a person actually says.Part of Speech : noun
Situational Irony Definition : It involves a discrepancy between what is expected to happen and what actually happens.Part of Speech : noun
Renown Definition : Fame, repute, or popularityPart of Speech : nounSynonym(s) : Eminence, prestige, celebrity, distinction
Monologue Definition : a long speech spoken by a character to himself, another character, or to the audiencePart of Speech : nounConjugation : monologuesSynonym(s) : lecture
scene Definition : a division of an act into smaller partsPart of Speech : nounConjugation : scenesSynonyms : setting
Soliloquy Definition : thoughts spoken aloud by a character when he or she is alone, or thinks he or she is alonePart of Speech : nounConjugation : soliloquiesplural: soliloquies
Tragedy Definition : a serious work of drama in which the hero suffers catastrophe or serious misfortune, usually because of his own actions.Part of Speech : nounConjugation : tragediesAntonyms : blessingSynonyms : adversity, calamity, catastrophe, etc.Plural : tragedies
Rapt Definition : absorbed, captivated, or enthralled with somethingPart of Speech : adjectiveConjugation :Antonyms :Synonyms : enthralled
Need to knows Definition :Part of Speech :Conjugation :ant./syn. :Image

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