Macbeth Abc’s

Amen Macbeth could not say this word
Ambition A fatal flaw in both Macbeth and his lady
Banquo My seed will found a great line of kings
Blood Lady Macbeth could not wash me from her hands
Burnam Wood that moves from Dunsinaine
Cawdor A former thane executed for treason
Cumberland Princeship reserved for the next king
Comekill Where dead Scottish kings are buried
Cavern Where Macbeth recieved a second set of predictions
Duncan Ordered the Thane of Cawdor excuted
Donalbain I find sanctuary in Ireland
Doctor I cannot cure an infirm mind
England Malcom fled here
Eight Number of Kings in vision
Fleance The “worm” that escaped when the “serpent” died
Fife MacDuff’s castle
Forres The king;s palace
Glamis Macbeth’s first title
Ghost sat in the king’s chair at the banquet
Hecate A goddess and a witch; angry at the witches for acting on thier own
Horses What Duncan owned that ate each other
Iverness Macbeth’s castle
Ireland Where Donalbain flees
Juggling The type of fiends Macbeth accuses the witches of
James I I am a descendant of Banquo & the King of England
Knocking What wakes the castle after Duncan’s murder
Lennex Tells MacBeth that Macduff has fled
Locks What the ghost shook at Macbeth
Laby MacDuff Was warned to flee buy stayed and was slain
MacDuff The thane of Fife
Macdonalwald I rebelled againist Duncan
Malcom Siward helped me become king
Nature When my rules are violated, strange things happen and are seen in the land
Northumberland Macduff came to seek my support for raising an army. I am also an area in England.
Owl The fatal bellman am I
Porter I answer the knocking gate
Prophecies Macbeth receives six of us and we lead him to his doom
Patricide The Crime of killing one’s father
Regicide The killing of a king
Queen The position desired by Lady Macbeth
Ross I informed Macbeth of his new title
Roman The type of fool Macbeth does not wish die like
Siward 10,000 men have I
Sweno Norway’s king am I
Thane A title that shows nobility
Taper Lady Macbeth has one by her continually
Unsex What Lady Macbeth wanted the “spirts that tend on mortal thoughts” to do to her
Unseamed What Macbeth did to Macdonaldwald
Visor Another word for the mask
Wine Lady Macbeth gave this to the chamberlains to drink
Weird The witches are called the three_____sisters
Xanadu A locality in “Kubla Khan” a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge which is not in MacBeth but begins with an “X”. It means a place of idyllic beauty.
Young Siward I died a man wounded in front
Yellow Leaf Macbeth compares his present stage of life to this in Act V Scene III
Zero The number of people actually killed by Lady Macbeth

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