the sergeant describes a battle in the war between norway and scottland
who were the heroes in that battle macbeth and banquo
the thane of cawdor was a traitor. king duncan sentenced him to death and gave his title to macbeth
what do we learn about macbeth’s character in this scene violent, brave, fighting for his country, loyal, fierce, fearless, noble
what do the witches predict for macbeth a. thane of colidorb. be king
what do they predict for banquo his sons will be kings
explain the dramatic irony in the witches first prediciton that he is going to be thane of colidor
when the prediction comes true immediately, what does macbeth think about the other predictions its going to be true, he thinks he is going to be king
what does macbeth plan to do about the possibility of becoming king killing king duncan
to whom does king duncan give the title Prince of Cumberland his son malcolm
what does macbeth think about this makes him angry, wants to get rid of malcolm
lady macbeth reads a letter. who sent it to her? macbeth
lady macbeth says of macbeth: “yet do i fear thy nature. It is too full O’the milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way.” what does she mean by this too sweet to do what you have to do to become king. Don’t have the guts to become king
what message does the servant give to lady macbeth duncans coming for the party.
explain lady macbeth’s soliloquy (lines 44-58) make me not sweet make me like men are. become brutal and not be sweet. more like a man calls on the spirits. (ruthless, cruel)
macbeth arrives. what does he and lady macbeth discuss killing duncan and becoming king
what advice does lady macbeth giver her husband look innocent leave the killing to her. be evil
explain the dramatic irony in this scene castle is nice and kill him in his sleep
list four reasons macbeth finds to talk himself out of committing the murder. (lines 1-27) a. friendb. subjectc. hostd. duncan is a good king
how does lady macbeth convince him to go through with the murder challenges his manhood. the blame will be on the guards and macbeth will act surprised so no one expects them

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