MacBeth 21-40

Intemperance (His intemperance caused him to eat so many cookies he puked) (noun) lack of moderation or restraint
Stanchless ( The army was stanchless and conquered all of Europe.) (adj) Incapable of being stopped, insatiable
Fortitude (The girl showed fortitude even when being bullied for her clothes, and continued to wear them.) (noun) Mental or emotional strength in facing adversity
Blaspheme ( Blasphemy in the church is not allowed) (verb) To speak of god in an irrelevant manner
Covet ( I coveted for a new x-box for Christmas) (verb) To wish for, longing
Perturbation (The perturbation of the students before the test was evident in their sweaty palms and shaking heads) (noun) anxiety, disturbance, mental disquiet
Epicure ( Mike was a epicure and only drank 500 year old wine from Italy) (noun) A person with good taste in food or wine
Pristine (The house looked pristine after the maids left) (adjective) In it’s original condition, purity
Equivocation ( The murder used equivocation when telling his alibi) ( noun) The use of ambiguous language to hide the truth
Avouch ( The coach avouched his team during half time by telling them all how well they were playing) (verb) To affirm, declare or assert with positiveness
Usurp (Uriah usurped the crown by killing the former dictator) (verb) To seize and hold(as office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right
Fraught ( The government was fraught with flaws that lead to its collapse) (adj) Destined to result in something unpleasant “overburdened”
Teem ( The zoo is teeming with animals) (verb)To bring forth, give birth to, present in a large quantity
Malady (The boy died of an unknown malady) (noun) a disease or illness
Desolate (The desert was a desolate place where exiles were sent) (adj) Lacking people and interest, very sad and lonely
Diminutive ( The man was diminutive so everyone thought he was only a boy) (adj) Very small in size
Confound (The army confounded their enemies with a speak attack.) (verb) to bring to ruin, to surprise
Bestow (The king bestowed the knight a metal for his bravery) (verb) To put to use, apply, to convey as a gift
Homage (The community paid homage to the victims of 9/11 by wearing black wristbands) (noun) To respect or honor; something that is done to honor someone or something
Appall ( I was appalled when I saw I got an 60 on my paper) (verb) to cause someone to feel shocked

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