Macbeth 2

What do the witches mean when they say,”Fair is foul and foul is fair”? What seems good could be bad and what seems bad could be good. Things may not be what they seem.
What is Macbeth like in the beginning of the play? He is brave, honorable and loyal. Macbeth fought against a traitor and won.
What is Lady Macbeth like in the beginning of the play? Lady Macbeth is cruel and evil. She is remorseless. She convinced Macbeth to kill King Duncan and his guards.
How does Duncan plan to reward Macbeth for his bravery in battle? Duncan gave him the kingdom of Cawdor. He gave him the title of Thane of Cawder.
Who does Duncan name as his successor (the next king)? His son Malcolm.
What does it mean when Duncan names Malcolm as his successor? That Macbeth won’t be king.
Why does Lady Macbeth worry about Macbeth killing Duncan? She thinks that Macbeth is to “kindhearted” to kill Duncan.
How does Lady Macbeth convince Macbeth to go through with King Duncan’s murder? Lady Macbeth questions Macbeth’s love for her. She calls Macbeth a coward and questions his manhood.
Who is the only person who might suspect Macbeth of murder? Banquo, because he was with Macbeth when the witches told Macbeth that he would be king.
Why would Banquo suspect that Macbeth might have killed King Duncan? Banquo knows that Macbeth has a reason to kill Duncan, so that Macbeth would be king instead of Malcolm.
How does Macbeth feel after the murder of Duncan? Macbeth is feeling regretful about killing Duncan.
How does Lady Macbeth feel after Duncan’s murder? Lady Macbeth is satisfied that Duncan was killed. She does not feel sorry for his death. She thinks that Macbeth is a coward and she went back and wiped the daggers on the clothes of the guards. She wanted the guards to look as if they killed Duncan.
What are the 2 purposes of the Porter Scene? 1. To make the reader laugh. COMIC RELIEF2. The day after the murder is a new day. Life goes on.
Why do people suspect the guards murdered Duncan? The guards are suspected of killing Duncan because Duncan’s blood is on their hands and faces. there was blood on their daggers and they were found on their pillows.
Why does Macbeth want Banquo killed? Banquo knows about the Witches Proheses He knows Banquo might tell people that Macbeth killed Duncan.
What might Macbeth do to Malcolm ? Macbeth would kill Malcolm if that was needed for Macbeth to become king.
Can Macbeth trust Banquo to not tell people that he killed Duncan? No. When Macbeth asks Banquo if he would have his back, Banquo tells him only if he doesn’t do something stupid or dishonorable.
Why does Macbeth want Fleance killed? Fleance is Banquo’s son. The witches predicted that Banquo’s son would be King. Fleance is a threat to Macbeth.
How does Lady Macbeth feel about becoming king and queen in Act III? Even though they’ve achieved their goal about being king and queen, they are unhappy.
Lady Macbeth said , “It wasn’t worth it”. What did she mean? They are not happy because they are worried about the consequences of what they did for Malcolm to be King.
What did Lady Macbeth mean when she said, “what’s done is done”? She can’t fix what has been done already.
What is the climax of the play? The climax of the play is when Macbeth kills Banquo and his son Fleance runs away.
How does the ghost scene show examples of Dramatic Irony? Only The audience saw Macbeth talking to the ghost of Banquo. His wife and the people at the banquet didn’t see the ghost.
Why does Macbeth’s behavior during the ghost scene lead to his downfall? It made Macbeth look crazy to be talking to an empty chair. The lords started to think that maybe he was guilty of killing Duncan and Banquo.
What do the lords refer to Macbeth as after he spoke to the ghost? The “tyrant” who “usurped” the Throne from Duncan and his son Malcolm.
Why does Hecate plan to trick Macbeth? Hecate thinks Macbeth only thinks about himself.
What does Hecate plan to do to trick Macbeth? The witches will confuse Macbeth with new prophecies. The prophesies will make Macbeth overconfident.
What are the three new prophesies the witches make? 1. Nobody born from a woman will harm Macbeth2. Macbeth will never be defeated until Great Birnam Wood moves against him to the high hill at Dunsinane. 3. Beware of the Thane of Fife, Macduff, he’s going to be Macbeth’s enemy.
How does Macbeth feel after hearing the new prophesies? He feels confident because all men are born of women and forests can’t move.
Why does Malcolm need to test Macduff? Malcolm is testing Macduff’s honesty and truthfulness and his ability to become a good king. Malcolm doesn’t want to join forces with Macduff if he’s going to be a tyrant like Macbeth.
What does the sleep walking scene reveal about Lady Macbeth? She is feeling guilty about all the people that they killed. She is trying to wash the guilt off her hands.
How does Macbeth gain confidence as he prepares for battle? He reminds himself of the prophesies that said he should only be afraid of a man who was not born from a woman and he will not be defeated until Birnam Forest moves against him to the high hill at Dunsinane. Since all men are born of women and forests don’t move he is not worried.
How does Macbeth feel about his life at the end of the play? He feels as if his life has no meaning. He is old He has lost the respect of his men or his friends. He doesn’t have any honor because of all the people he has killed and betrayed
How do the final 2 prophesies come true? 1. Macduff’s soldiers cut down branches from the Birnam forest and use them as camouflage as they move towards Macbeth’s army at Dunsaine Castle. 2. Macduff was taken from his mother by surgery before he died. Macbeth became fearful when he realized “Macduff was not born from woman” and could kill him.
How does Macbeth die? Macduff cuts off Macbeth’s head in a swordfight.
What is the catastrophe of the play? Macbeth not only dies in battle, but he lost his wife, he lost his friend Banquo, and his cousin Duncan who was a good king. Macbeth became King but he’s unhappy and alone. He has no friend, no wife, no integrity and no honor. People don’t like or respect him because he became a tyrant. He listened to the witches who manipulated him with their prophesies
How did Macbeth change by the end of the play? Macbeth started out fighting against a traitor. He was brave, honorable and loyal. At the end of the play, Macbeth is a tyrant and murderer. He murdered Duncan, Duncan’s guards, Banquo, and Macduff’s family.
What caused the change in Macbeth? The witches prophesies changed him. It awakened ambition in him, making him want to be king no matter who he had to hurt or kill.
How does Macbeth fit the characteristics of a tragic hero? Macbeth is a Thane of Glamis and Cowder. He is trusted and admired for his loyalty and courage when he fights. He does have a flaw, he is very ambitious and kills to become King. The error that led to his downfall is that he starts talking to Banquo’s ghost at the banquet and people become suspicious that he is doing all the killing. The reader feels sorry for him when they realize he is being manipulated by the witches with their prophesies and he is losing everything important to him. He realizes his mistake when he learns Macduff was not born from his mother naturally he faces death with honor, fighting Macduff and he loses everything important to him, his wife, his friend, his king and his honor
Is Macbeth responsible for his own fate or is someone or something else to blame? The witches manipulated Macbeth with their prophesies and awakened his ambitions, but he is responsible for what he did.

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