hurburly commotion, noisy disorders confusion uproaor
heath a tract of wasteland
treason the betrayal of trust
enkindle to make bright and glowing
ingrattitude ungratefulness lack of attitiude
enfold to surround with a covering to clasp within arms
harbinger one that foreshadows what is to come
peerless incomparable matchless
rapt engrossed in, transported in emotion
tidings piece of news
compunctions uneasy or hesitant about rightness of an action
pall to drape or to cover, cloth used to cover a coffin
beguile to lead by deception
trammel to restrain or to hinder
surcease to put an end to to cease
mettle vigor and strength
corporal relating to the body
repose the state of being at rest
knell a slow stroke sound
incardine blood red or having pink flesh color
carouse to drink liquor freely or excessively
unruly turbulent, disobdient
gorgon any of the three headed sisters
undivulged not revealed or disclosed, hidden
pretense a claim made or implied
assail to attack violently
jocund cheerful merry lively
infirm weak of mind will or character
conjure to summon as if by magic
aparition an uneexpected sight
resolute marked by firm determinationq
whetstone a stone for sharpening
siege a persistent or serious attack
avouch to declare as a matter of fact
usurp to seize and hold by force without right
salutation an expression of greeting or goodwil

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