Macbeth 1 Bellona’s bridegroom, Disdaining fortune
Macbeth 2 O full of scorpions is my mind dear wife
Macbeth 3 his wife his babes and all unfortunate souls
Macbeth 4 Out out brief candle. life’s but a walking shadow. poor player
Lady M 1 (alone) This have i thought good to report to thee my dearest partner of greatness.
Lady M 2 come thine spirits unsex me here!
Lady M 3 look like the innocent flower be the serpent under it
Lady M 4 Out damned spot!
Duncan 1 i have begun to plant thee and shall labor to see thee full of growing
Duncan 2 Dark night strangles the travelling lamp
Duncan 3 Earth was feverous and did shake
Banquo 1 speak to me who neither begs nor fears your favours nor your hate
Banquo 2 merciful spirits restrain in me the cursed thoughts which nature gives way to in repose.
Banquo 3 We have scorched the snake not killed it.
Macduff 1 most sacrilegious murder hath broke open the lords anointed temple.
Macduff 2 all my pretty ones… must feel it as a man
Macduff 3 I cannot strike at wretched people whose arms are hired to bear their staves.
Supernatural 1 Fair is foul and foul is fair
Supernatural 2 this night ill spend unto a dismal and fatal end
supernatural 3 instruments of darkness

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