Theme Macbeth is a story about what happens to a person who is greedy for power.
Topic 1 Greediness caused Macbeth to kill his family and friends.
Topic 2 Even though he was a general, Macbeth still betrayed his country.
Topic 3 Since Macbeth became a tyrant, a friend killed him.
Thesis Power and greed caused Macbeth to lose his family, his country, and his life.
Topic Sentence 1 Macbeth lost his family and friends because he wanted power.
Topic 1 Detail 1 After the witches made their predictions, Macbeth kills his King Duncan while he is sleeping so he can become king.
Topic 1 Detail 2 Since the witches also predicted that Banquo would become the father of kings, Macbeth killed him and tried to kill his son.
Topic 1 Detail 3 Lady Macbeth went crazy and killed herself because of all the bad things that she and Macbeth did for power.
Topic 1 Conclusion Macbeth’s greed cost him his family and friends.
Topic Sentence 2 The need for power caused Macbeth to betray his country.
Topic 2 Detail 1 In the beginning, Macbeth was a successful general and helped win the war for Scotland.
Topic 2 Detail 2 After he listened to the witches, he killed the king and forced the king’s sons out of the country
Topic 2 Detail 3 When he was king, Macbeth was a tyrant and killed people to protect his power.
Topic 2 Conclusion Macbeth only cared himself and not his country.
Topic Sentence 3 In the end, Macbeth lost his life because he wanted power more than anything else.
Topic 3 Detail 1 People started to realize that Macbeth was a cruel leader because he was ordering guards to kill people.
Topic 3 Detail 2 His advisors start to believe that he killed King Duncan and they want Duncan’s son Malcolm to be king.
Topic 3 Detail 3 Macduff and Macbeth have swordfight and Macbeth was killed.
Topic 3 Conclusion Macbeth died because he only wanted power.
Conclusion Theme The story of Macbeth is really about greed and power.
Conclusion Topic 1 Macbeth killed his friends and family to get power.
Conclusion Topic 2 He betrayed his country even though he was a successful general.
Conclusion Topic 3 In the end, his greed cost him his own life.
Conclusion Thesis Power and greed caused Macbeth to lose everything.

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