When the witches meet again, whom will they meet? Macbeth
What is Graymalkin? Cat Demon Helper
What is Paddlock? Toad Demon Helper
What poetic device is used in the last two lines of the scene? Rhyme Tag
Who are Malcolm & Donalbain? King Duncan’s sons
Who reports to the king about what transpired on the battlefield? Captain
How did Macbeth kill Macdonwald? Stabs him and slices him.
Where is the Western isle? Northwest of Scotland
What is the relationship between Duncan & Macbeth? 1st cousins
Who is Sweno? King of Norway
Who is the other Scottish general fighting with Macbeth? Banquo
What is a Thane? Scottish Noble
What title does Duncan give to Macbeth as a reward for his bravery? Thane of Cawdor
Why was the witch annoyed with the “Rump-fed Ronyon? She wouldn’t share her chestnuts
How would she get revenge on the Ronyon? Make her husband suffer from no sleep at sea
What other names do the witches go by? Weird sisters
Why does Banquo doubt the sex of the witches? They have beards
The witches greet Macbeth by calling him 3 things. What are they? Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis, & King
Who is Sinel? Macbeth’s dad
Lesser than Macbeth, and _____ Greater
Not so happy, yet much _____ Happier
Thou shault get kings, though thou be ____ None
Who tells Macbeth that he has received the title of Thane of Cawdor? Ross and Angus
Who warns Macbeth not to trust the witches? Banquo
Who is made the Prince of Cumberland? Malcolm
What does the title mean to the person who receives it? They’re loyal
What is LMB doing at the beginning of scene 5? Reading a letter from MB
What does LMB fear about her husband’s nature? That he won’t commit murder to be king
What is she determined to do? Help Macbeth get the crown
What does she want the “spirits that tend on mortal thoughts” to do to her? Take away her feminine nature
LMB thinks MB’s face is like a _____ open book
What does Duncan thing of MB’s castle? It’s a pleasant location
Why is this opinion of the castle truly ironic? It’s where he’s going to die
Who greets Duncan at the castle gate? Lady Macbeth
Why isn’t MB there to greet his king? He’s conflicted and hesitant
What is MB trying to do in the soliloquy which begins this scene? Talk himself into killing Duncan
Who has been asking for MB? Duncan
What does LMB accuse her husband of if he doesn’t go through with they had planned? He’s not a man
How will they get past Duncan’s guards? Get them drunk
Who will bear the guilt of the crime? The guards
MB is the impressed by his wife that he wishes her to bring forth ____ children only. Male
Who is with Banquo as he’s walking threw the courtyard? Fleance, His son
Banquo metaphorically describes the stars as _____ Candles
What sort of night is it, according to Banquo? Starless and dark
What present has Duncan given to LMB? Diamond
What has Banquo been dreaming of? 3 Witches
What does MB “see” during the soliloquy? A dagger
What sound “invites” MB to commit his bloody deed? Knell (Funeral bell)
What has LMB done to give her strength to go through with the deed? Give the guards drugged alcohol
What bird is heard by LMB? Owl
Who is sleeping in the room next to Duncan’s? Donalbain
Wat word couldn’t MB say? Amen
What two people are knocking at the gate? Macduff and Lennox
the porter is suffering from ______ A hangover
What mission had Macduff come to do? To wake Duncan up early
What kind of night is it according to Lennox? Strange screams of death
Who discovers duncan’s body? Macduff
As MB is being questioned about what he did, What does LMB do? Faint, because he’s talking to much.
What three unnatural happenings have occured according to Ross and the Old Man? (1) An Owl Killed A Falcon(2) Duncan’s horses fight each other(3) Darkness blocks the sun (Solar Eclipse)
Who is suspected of killing King Duncan? Malcolm and Donalbain
Where had MB gone to be crowned? Scone
How does Macduff show his displeasure at Mb’s being crowned? He doesn’t go to see him get crowned. This is disrespect!

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