What are the themes represented in Macbeth? appearance vs reality, darkness/light, evil/demons, blood, sleeplessness, animal/bird imagery, clothing
Who was Macbeth written for? king james 1
when was Macbeth written? 1606
What family is King James 1 part of? Stuart
Where is the play set? 11th century scotland
Macbeth aka The scottish play
Thane means… Nobleman
Macbeth’s castle is called Iverness
who is Banquo? Macbeths friend
Who are Duncans sons? Malcolm and Donalbain
“fair is foul and foul is fair” Witches
What does the bloody man tell Duncan in act 1? Banquo and Macbeth are heroes
why is macbeth called “bellona’s bridegroom?” to compare him to a god of war.
“go pronounce his death, and with his title, greet Macbeth!” Duncan
What does scene 1 not contain? a murder
“so foul and fair a day i have not seen” Macbeth
What were the two prophecies made for Macbeth in act 1? He would be thane of cawdor and king
What did the witches in act 1 tell Banquo? he was going to be the father of kings
Who tells Macbeth that he will be thane of Cawdor? Angus and Ross
Why does Banquo warn macbeth about the witches? He believes they have a power of darkness and will be used to lure a man with lies.
After macbeth is crowned Thane of Cawdor, What does he name Malcolm? prince of cumberland
“stars, hide your fires! let not your light see my black and deep desires” Macbeth
Where does King Duncan plan to celebrate? castle iverness
“it is too full of the milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way” Lady Macbeth
in the unsexing scene, what does Lady Macbeth refrence? a raven.
a raven is a bird of death and impending doom
what is gall? poisen
“look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it” Macbeth
“The king is here in double trust. he is both my king and my kinsmen. i should bar the door against his murderer not bear the knife myself” Macbeth
What is Macbeths tragic flaw? Ambition
“screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail!” Lady Macbeth
What disturbing thing does Lady Macbeth say she would do to help her husband? bash a baby’s head in
How does Lady Macbeth plan to kill Duncan? get everyone drunk, drug them, and ring a bell to signal Macbeth to go in and kill Duncan.
“False face myst hide what the false heart doth know” Macbeth
what does “False face myst hide what the false heart doth know” symbolize? Appearance vs reality
What does Macbeth see before his kills Duncan? a dagger
Why is Duncan killed offstage? respect to the king
“sleep no more, macbeth doth murder sleep” is heard by who? Macbeth
“a little water clears us of this deed” Lady Macbeth
Why is the Drunken porter scene ironic? he is condemning evil without knowing that the king was murdered
“all drinking is good for is…” Porter
Who finds Duncan? Macduff and LEnnox
When Macduff goes to wake the king, what does macbeth and lennox talk about? How gloomy it was the night before.
Why does Macduff not worry to much that the king isnt answering? He things the king drank too much the night before?
What happens when Macduff sees the kings murdered body? he screams and rights the bell.
Who admits to killing the kings guards? Macbeth
Who flees after the murder of Duncan? Malcolm to England and Donalbain to Ireland
who is believed to have killed the king by the common people in the story? Malcolm and Donalbain
Who is chosen to succeede Duncan after his murder? Macbeth
Where are scottish kings crowned? Scone
Who doesnt go to the crowning of Macbeth? Macduff
Macduff is thane of ___ Fife
What does it mean when the witches tell Macbeth that he has a barren scepter? He wont have kids.
Macbeth and Lady macbeth move to _____ after he is crowned Dunsinane
who wonders if Macbeth may have “played most fouly”? Banquo
when Macbeth asks Banquo to come to a party, what three questions does he ask? are you riding this afternoon? are you riding far? are you taking Fleance with you?
who is Fleance? Banquos son
Macbeth sets out to have Banquo and Fleance killed- why? Banquo was told that he would be the father of kings, and Fleance is the heir to the throne through his father
Why must LAdy Macbeth be “innoncent of the knowledge”? She doesnt know He set out to kill Banquo and Fleance
In the movie, who is the third murderer in the plot to kill Banquo and his son? Ross
What happens when the murderes go out ot kill Banquo and his son? Banquo dies and Fleance flees
At dinner, Who does Macbeth see in a chair? Banquo-bloody and gross
Who is Hecate? queen of withces
What book did King James 1 write when he read this play? Demonology
“double double, toil and trouble. fire burn and cauldron bubble” Witches
“by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes” witches
What is the first thing to appear to Macbeth when he goes to see the witches? an armored head telling him “beware Macduff, thane of fife”
What is the second thing to appear to Macbeth when he goes to see the witches? bloody kid telling him “for none of woman born shall harm macbeth”
What is the third thing to appear to Macbeth when he goes to see the witches? child with a tree telling him “macbeth shall never be vanquished until great birnam physically moves to dunsinane”
When he is leaving the witches, Lennox comes up to him to tell him what? Macduff has fled to england and is with King Edward
What does Macbeth plan to do to Macduff? kill his family
what does “in media res” mean? starting in the middle
When ross tells Lady macduff that her husband has gone to England, how does she react? shes upset because he never said goodbye
how does Shakespeare create pathos (strong compassion)? He brings the child in to talk to Lady Macduff
Why was Macduffs family killed? revenge
who all has Macbeth killed? duncan, the gaurds, banquo, and Macduffs family
“what, all my petty chickens and their dam at one fell swoop?” Macduff
Who does Macduff try to convince to kill Macbeth? Malcolm
“make medications of our great revenge to cure this deadly grief” (dont get mad, get even) Malcolm
define denoument resolution
“out damned spot-out i say!” Lady Macbeth
Why does Lady Macbeth feel guilty? she feels responsible for the death of dunca, the gaurds, and macduffs family
When Lady Macbeth is seen by a doctor, he tells her to get a spiritual doctor, what does the second opinin say? all of this is in her head
How can we tell that Macbeth is going crazy near the end of the story? He puts on his armor for battle- its ironic because he is fighting the inevitable
What does Malcolm order his army to do? cut down the trees in Birnam wood and use them as shields so the woods look like they are moving
What happens to Lady Macbeth? she commits suicide
What does Macbeth say when he hears of his wifes death? she was going to die eventually, so i shouldnt grieve now
What are the four references in the tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow speech? a waling shadow, a poor player, a tale told by an idiot, and a candle
What are the elements of a tragedy? a downward Spiral, a flawed character, and a high rank
What do Macduff, malcolm, and Siward order their men to do? prepare to fight
Why does Macbeth kill young siward? He cant be killed by anyone of woman born
What do Macbeths soldiers do? desert him for Malcolm
“turn hell-hound, turn!” macduff
What does Macduff surprise Macbeth with? He was born via c scetion
What does Macduff do to Macbeth? cuts his head off
is Macbeth killed onstage or off? offstage
What does Old Siward ask? did his son die honorably?
Who is made King of Scotland? Malcolm
“My Thanes and kinsmen, henceforth be earls” Malcolm
Who wrote “the sound and the fury” William Faulkner

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