what is the significace of their chant “fair and foul, and foul is fair”? beware, all is not what it seems
for what reason is the existing thane of cawdor to be executed? forr being a rebel
what strange predictions do the three witches make about MacBethand Banquo? Macbeth will be thane of Glamis, thane of cawdor then king.Banquo will be the father of kings
how do we know the witches represent evil? in shakspears time the audience would all have believed in good and evil, and the witches belonged to forces of evil and the devil.
how does macbeth react to the king’s knewa that malcolm shall be the next king? he is not happy because it will go against the witches’ prophecy
what have we learned about lady macbeth in comparison with her husband? she is domineering, power hungry, ruthless and not perturbed by her morality.
as king duncan enters macbeth’s castle, what other side of lady macbeth do we see? meed and innocent , welcoming and kind when she needs to make him feel welcome
discuss the damatic irony of duncan entering macbeths castle king duncan feels happy , everything in his life seems god yet we know what horror will befall him soon
how should the blame for the murders be divided up? it is unlikely that macbeth would have carried out the deed without his wife or another person to influence him and push him to do it
what omens appear in Act 2 scene 1 to macbeth? bloody daggers, the witches, evil dreams, hecate, the wolf, Tarquin and imagery of death
describe macbeth once the deed is done he is dishevelled, distraught and bloodied, appearing in a state of shock and unable to say or do much
why were the grooms killed? macbeth says it was obvious they killed the king
how is symbolism used in act 2 scenee 4? the birds anad horses killing one another suggest the unnatural order of things and are bad omens
what fears are expressed in macbeth’s 3rd soliloquy? he is now consumed with fear and suspicion. his focus is on Banquo and how he may stand in his way, which is why Banquo must be killed.
what is macbeths solution? it is now ttoo late, he must harden himself and follow the path he has created
as banquo is murdered, his son escapes.. what is the significance of this? it reminds us of the prophecy that banquo will be the father of kings and with his son still alive it is still possible
what criticisms do the three witches make of Macbeth? they know he is only interested in his ambitions
now that macduff has un away to england, what action foes macbeth decide to take and why? he must be killed for being a traitor
what are te given qualities of a good leader? “rightful heir to the throne”, which avoids mess and tragedy of wars and murders. a good leader/king is spelled out in the speech ‘but i have none: the king — becoming graces/ as justice,verity, temperence
why is a doctor called for lady macbeth? describe her behavior and comments e has been sleepwalking and engaging in strange behavior. the doctor observes her rambling behavior and speech. he knows that she is overwhelmed by the guilt of the murder and leaves
what is the significance of Birnham wood as the meeting place for those who are about to attackMacbeth? Birnham coming to macbeth was part of the prophecy. the men in Mcduffs army take branches to disguise themselves as the move toward macbeth’s castle- hence it looks like Birnham woods is moving
how does macbeth respond to the news of the ten thousand strong army approaching ? why? he hears the news from a servant and puts on a brave face, but inside he is quivering and knows he is about to die he will fight to his death
why is macbeth’s reaction to his wife’s death so minimal? he is in despair and barely reacts to the news that his wife has died. he expected it and knows he will follow. life has become nothing.
hat final realisation does macbeth have about the withces and the occult? he realises he has never been decieved by the supernatural forces of darkness and should never have believed an trusted in them

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