“Bellona’s bridegroom” metaphor – god of war- emphasizes bravery
“I have no spur / to prick the sides of my intent , but only my vaulting ambition” metaphor- Macbeth reaches the conclusion that there is no real justification for the crime – Duncan is his relative, a good king and furthermore a guest In his castle . All this argues against the bloody deed. Therefore Macbeth has no “spur” to prick on his intent – no motivation to commit the murder but his ” vaulting ambition” – Shakespeare uses metaphorical language to compare Macbeth’s “ambition” to a horse leaping over an obstacle , like the horse doesn’t know what’s on the other side, Macbeth doesn’t know if the outcome of the murder will be good or bad
“clear in his great office” greed/selfishMacbeth knows Duncan’s a good king and that killing him would damage Scotland yet he places his own desires above his love for Scotland – Foreshadowing he will be a bad king
“will all great Neptune’s ocean wash the blood clean from my hands ?”

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