Chalice Cup or goblet- def and synonym, antonym- cup, 1. Kings and queens used chalices back in the day. 2. In the museum they have an ancient chalice in a case.
chastise to punish severely, synonym- Rebuke Antonym- Approve / 1. The bully chastised the little girl. 2. The teacher got mad at the bad kid and didn’t know she was chastising him.
Compunction Feeling of regret or remorse/ Synonym unease / Antonym happiness/ 1. The man was charged and showed no compunction./ 2. The witness showed compunction about the murder.
Dwindle diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength./ Synonym- lessen/ Antonym- Increase/ 1. The army diminished because of the outbreak./ 2. The drugs are not diminishing they are getting worse.
Implore beg someone earnestly or desperately to do something
Ingratitude state of being not grateful; ungratefulness; lack of gratitude
Interim (n.) the time between; (adj.) temporary, coming between two points in time
Mettle A persons ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way
Minion A follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a service or unimportant one
plight A difficult or dangerous condition or situation
Prophetic Foreseeing or predicting the future
Surmise (v.) to think or believe without certain supporting evidence; to conjecture or guess; (n.) likely idea that lacks definite proof
Trifles a thing of little value or importance
Wither (v.) to dry up, wilt, sag; to cause someone to feel ashamed, humiliated, or very small

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