3 witches prophecies 1. armed head (beware of macduff) 2. bloody baby (no man born of a woman can harm you) 3. crown child with a branch (until Birnam woods ascends into Dunsaine Castle no man can harm you)
why did one of the witches hurt the sailor? his wife wouldnt share her nuts
who initiates the plot to murder king Duncan? lady macbeth
what 2 countries are at war? Norway and Sweden
exactly what crime did the 1st thane of Cawdor commit? verified? treason…yes he admitted it
who were king duncan’s two sons and where did they go? Malcom and Donalbain…England and Ireland
What is the doorkeeper also referred to as? doorkeeper to hell
5 characteristics seen in banquo good father; loving; caring; brave; honorable
why exactly was Macbeth angry with banquo (2 reasons) interrupted him while witches were telling prophecies and because his sons would be king
singal used to indicated bodyguards were drugged? a bell
why does macbeth go to speak again to the witches? because he wants to know more information about his prophecies
describe in detail the last vision vision of many ghost, banquo dances like it is his lineage, sees 2 orbs and 3 septers, the image in the mirror is of James 1st
what combined forces fought against Macbeth (3 of them) and who were their leaders? (1) 10,000 Englishmen led by Old Siward’s son (young siward) (2) Scots led by Macduff (3) unhappy Scots that gathered together as they traveled towards macbeth (after he kills macduff’s wife and kids) and they were led by Menteith, Caithness, Lennox, Roxx, and Angus
what exactly happened to lady macbeth at the end of the play? she jumps/falls out the window
what was macbeth’s motivation throughout the play? (why did he do the things he did) faulty ambition
how do we know that macduff’s son was valiant? because he stepped in front of the sword for his mother and he started fighting at 13 yrs old
before lady macbeth dies, we find out a major fear she has developed. what was this fear? the dark
Malcolm states that what two things will happen to the people of Scotland at the play? they will call home the exiled people and show them grace
what were Old Siward’s feelings towards the death of his son exactly? he only cared that the wounds were on the front of his body-how he died was more important than the way he died
edward the confessor was thought to have what unique ability? who else had this ability? heal swollen glands (heal ppl in general)…James 1st also had ability to heal
where is everyone going at the end of the play? Scone
why did Shakespeare write Macbeth? (2 reasons) to please James 1st and
how did macbeth rise in power so quickly? because Macdonwald committed treason
who stood guard outside the night the king (Duncan) was killed Fleonce
what single characteristic in the marriage of macbeth and lady macbeth shows their close relationship? communication
how many murderers were hired to kill ban quo? first 2 then 3
after duncan’s death, macbeth prophesies his own demise by saying that “Macbeth hath murdered _____”
“The raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan under my battlements” who said this? lady macbeth
what two events caused lady macbeth’s madness? 1. killing of the men and children at fife 2. the way her husband is withdrawn from her
when lady macbeth returns the daggers to the bodyguards, she also further incriminates them by doing what? scooping the blood from duncan and spreading it on them
why didn’t the servant of lady macbeth tell the doctor what lady macbeth was doing? didn’t wanna be accused of treason
what relationship was ross to macduff? cousins
how does the reader first know that Macbeth will kill duncan? the daggers in the prophecy determined it
what was James 1st initial reaction to the play and why? he banned it because of the authenticity of the witches
what made the personality of Macbeth change so drastically? his vaulting emotion
although heroes are scarce, who are a few and why? banquo
what does Hecate say is the downfall of man? security
why does macduff leave his wife and kids behind when he went to England? he didn’t think they would get murdered
what insight does lady macbeth give us about the personality flaw of macbeth? he is too kind
two reasons lady macbeth does not kill duncan he looks like her father and he gave her a diamond
what did macbeth do to make macduff suspicious after the king’s death? got rid of the two bodyguards who “killed” him-got rid of the evidence
who was banquo’s son? Fleonce
where exactly was banquo murdered? Forres (castle)
why did malcom finally believe macduff and return to scotland? he saw his authentic reaction
macduff’s castle fife
what was the name of the castle where macbeth lived as the thane of Glamis? inverness
macduff is also referred to as the thane of? fife
what was macbeth’s attitude initially toward the very last battle? he couldn’t be defeated
who s the head witch? hecate
why did shakespeare write this play the way he did? saved his life-impressed James 1st
famous line by the witches double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble
what were lady macduff’s true feelings towards her husband she though he was cheating on her, doesn’t respect him but loves him because she stood up for him in front of the soldiers that asked “where is you traitor husband”
famous person macbeth kills young siward
the only general still under employment of macbeth Seton
about how many soldiers fought against macbeth that were english 10,000
who was the king of norway sweno
what was his ultimate goal to capture all of england
what were the two prophecies given to macbeth by the witches 1. thane of cawdor 2. king of scotland
to banquo “you will not be the king, but the father of kings”
oldest son of duncan malcom
how does the story of the sailor’s wife reveal the power of the witches they have no real power, only to blow the wind
3 things macbeth does or says that proves hes not a good murderer brings back lady macbeth’s daggers; got rid of the evidence; couldn’t wash the blood off his hands; hears voices
two examples of how the reader nows the relationship btwn macbeth and lady macbeth is diminishing he didnt tell her about the murder/murder plan to kill banquo and felonce and she had to make an appointment to talk to him
the porter is the gatekeeper of ___ and ___ hell and inverness
who tries to warn lady macduff that she needed to leave the castle a messenger
relationship btwn malcom and old siward uncle to nephew
three ways james 1st sees himself in the vision after the apparitions, and as one who can heal swollen necks
other than the witches or the things concerned with them, or the unusual weather, name some supernatural events that took place owl and falcon, duncan’s horses killed one another
two reasons scotish ppl were so happy that the first thane of cawdor was killed? b/c he confessed and they knew they got the right person, and so they didn’t have to ostracize his family and he would go to heaven
macbeth is a play not about witches but about? greed and ambition

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