Describe the visions that Macbeth has at the end of the scene ( sc. i) Macbeth hallucinates a bloody dagger
Why do you think Macbeth sees the imaginary dagger? he feels guilty and afraid of killing Duncan
What does the king want to do for Macbeth? Give Macbeth title-“Thane of Cawdor”
What do the witches tell Macbeth & Banquo? See prophecies on other sheet?
How does the witches’ prophecy of Macbeth’s coming greatness act as a temptation for him? As soon as the prophecy comes true, Macbeth resorts to murder the king
How does Banquo’s reaction differ from Macbeth’s? What might this say about his character? Tells Banquo as being more practical. He questions the prophecy which shows he’s cautious
What irony would the audience feel as they watch Duncan enter the castle and hear him praise its peacefulness? they were about to murder him- dramatic irony
What does Lady Macbeth claim that she would do to her own baby? Why does she say this to Macbeth? Kill it, if she swears to do something shell actually do it, says it to persuade him to keep his word
In terms of gender roles, why might this be significant? Lady Macbeth is more masculine then Macbeth
What is Lady Macbeth’s plan? Get the guards drunkMacbeth stabs Gaurds frame them
Describe the vision that Macbeth has at the end of the scene Macbeth hallucinates a bloody dagger
Why do you think Macbeth sees this imaginary dagger? he feels guilty- feels afraid of killing Duncan
What details foreshadow the action to come? blood means he’ll stab Duncan
As Macbeth kills Duncan, what does Lady Macbeth hear? What does Macbeth hear? She hears knockinghe thinks he hears the guards ‘God Bless us’
What reason does Lady Macbeth give for not committing the murder herself? Why might this be significant? Duncan looked like her father, shows us she isnt ‘manly’ enough for murder
What does lady Macbeth do to complete the plan? Rubs blood & places the daggers on the gaurds
How do Lady Macbeth and Macbeth react differently to Duncan’s murder? What might this say about each of their characters? Lady Macbeth is determined to complete the planMacbeth feels guilty he wont go in & look on Duncan againLady Macbeth is in charge of the relationship, Macbeth is weak
Why might images of blood and water appear in this scene? What do they symbolize? Blood symbolizes death, guilt sin water symbolizes water cleansing baptism and purity
What purpose might the porter serve in this scene? comic relief, mataphors for opening the gates of hell
Macduff becomes an important character in the 3 remaining acts. How does Shakspear characterize him in these seesn as loyal
What would you say is the mood of Act II? What images and actions help to create this mood? sullen solem, tensebloody daggers

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