What are the five themes? -appearance can be deceiving -lust for power can cause loss of humanity -we must accept responsibility for our actions -our future is beyond our control-guilt can affect judgement
Hecate the witches’ boss
Duncan King of Scotland at the beginning of the play
Macbeth Thane of Glamis
Fleance son of Banquo
Malcolm older son of Duncan
Donalbain younger son of Duncan
Macduff Thane of Fife
Lady Macbeth Macbeth’s Wife
Lennox Thane of Scotland
Ross Thane of Scotland
who killed Macbeth? Macduff
who fled to Ireland? Donalbain
Macbeth’s first hallucination? the dagger in his hand after he kills Duncan
Who was Duncan’s oldest son? Malcolm / The Prince of Cumberland
Who develops a plan to kill Duncan? Lady Macbeth
What is the porter scene? (Act 2, Scene 1) It is the scene where the porter opens the door, but it is only meant for comic relief.
What does Macbeth see at the banquet? Banquo’s ghost
What scene do experts say was not written in the play? The scene where Hecate yells at the three witches and tells them that they need to make Macbeth feel overconfident.
define catastrophe tragic ending
the “cure” for Macbeth spin around three times, say the foulest think you can say, spit, and then get permission to come back into the room
the three apparitions and prophecies that the witches give Macbeth to make him feel overconfident 1. armed head — beware Macduff2. bloody baby — no man born of woman can harm Macbeth3. crowned boy holding a tree — never shall Macbeth be vanquished until the forest moves to Dunsinane Hill
theory on why the Macbeth curse exists -black magic-every time the play was on stage something bad happens
who fled to England? Malcolm
define theme main message author is trying to get across
How does the tragic hero meet his doom? -tragic flaw -courage and dignity
who encourages Macbeth to kill Duncan? Lady Macbeth
after Duncan got killed, Macbeth planned to kill…? Banquo
define iambic pentameter -10 syllable -stressed / unstressed
what book did James I write dealing with witchcraft? demonology
why did Shakespeare write Macbeth? to please King James I, who was King of Scotland
what do actors refer to the play as? the unmentionable
define tragedy a work in which the main character or tragic hero came to an unhappy ending
define antagonist w/ Example example: Macduff the person who battles against the tragic hero
define comic relief w/ example following a serious scene, with a light more humorous one Example: the porter scene
define soliloquy a speech that a character makes while alone on the stage to reveal his or her own thoughts and emotions
define aside a remark a character marks to the audience or another character that the rest of the characters on the stage cannot hear
define dramatic irony when the audience knows something that a character/characters do not know
define foreshadowing when the author gives hints or clues as to what will happen later in the story foreshadowing
who is the queen of the witches? Hecate
where does the play take place? Scotland
who was the King of Scotland at the opening of the play? Duncan
What do the witches predict for Banquo’s future? they tell him that his sons will be kings
what prediction does Macbeth receive from the witches in the first act? Thane of Glaims Thane of Cawdor King of Scotland
“Let every soldier hew him down abough/ And bear ‘t before him./ Thereby shall we shadow/ The numbers of our host and make discovery/ Err in report of us.” Malcolm
“Upon my head they placed a fruitlesscrown, / And put a barren scepter in my grip…” Macbeth
“Thou hast it now—King, Cawdor, all,/As the Weird Women promised; and I fear/Thou play’dst most foully for’t.” Banquo
“Macbeth shall never vanquished beuntil/ Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill/ Shall come against him.” The Witches
Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble The Witches

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