what 2 things is macbeth about ? ambition betrayal
how does Shakespeare show how people can be corrupted by ambition? shows that even honorable people like Macbeth will betray his king , his country and himself to satisfy his lust for power
what do lady Macbeth and Macbeth show in the end ? that power is nothing if taken unfairly as it will lead to guilt madness and death
how many plays did Shakespeare write ? approximately 37and a lot of poems
when was the first known performance of Macbeth ? 1611
why was going to theatre so popular in the 1600’s? there was no tv , radio or internet
why did men play women in plays in the time of Shakespeare ? it was illegal for women to act
who is Malcolm in relation to Duncan? his son
who persuades macbeth to kill the king ? lady Macbeth
who murders Duncan ? Macbeth
Who kills Macbeth? Macduff( as he was torn from the womb )
who has Banqo killed ? Macbeth
who are the witches leader? hectate
Who kills lady Macbeth ? herselfshe eventually goes mad and kills herself
summarize act 1 3 witches meet Macbeth and banqo as , tell Macbeth he will be thane of cawdor then king , then tell banqo his descendants will be kingMacbeth wanders if witches were right lady Macbeth plans to persuade Macbeth to kill Duncan she plans to frame servants for murder when Duncan comes to stay with them Macbeth agrees with plan
give a quote to show Macbeth as ambitious ? i have no spur to prick the sides of my intent but only Vaulting ambition
give a quote to show Macbeth as brave? brave Macbeth – well he deserves that name
at the start of the play how is he described to show he is brave? villiant
give a quote to show how duncan thought of macbeth? king duncan says he recognizes macbeths ‘ persanol venture ‘ and loyalty which is why he made him thane of cawdor
how does Macbeth bravery change throughout the play? in act 1 and near the end of the play macbeth is a brave soldier which contrasts with the middle of the play where Macbeth seems somewhat weaker and less able than normal
where does macbeth feel most comfortable? in the battle fieldmaybe because he doesnt have to worry about the morality of his actions
how can you tell Macbeth has a conscience? he often doubts weather he is doing the right thing or not
to what extent does macbeths ambition cloude his morality? he wants to be king of Scotland and he is even willing to commit murder to make it happen
give a quote to show Macbeth guilt? will all great neptunes oceans wash this blood clean from my hand
how does Macbeth try to over think his conscience after the murder of king duncan ? he says that he had no choice over his actions as he is just a ‘ poor player ‘ whos controlled by fate
who does he have killed as he is worried about loosing his achieved position ? mcdufffs family banqo
which is stronger ambition or morality? ambition he let lady Macbeth talk him round to killing Duncan
give an example of how macbeth is influenced by the people around him ? he lets lady Macbeth talk him round in to killing Duncan
At the start of the play Macbeth was noble but at the end he is described a ‘ hell hound ‘ by who ? mcduffas he killed his wife and children
what makes Macbeths actions all the more shocking ? the way that he has a conscience and he knows there is ‘judgement ‘ on earth along with ‘deep damnation ‘ after death
what does Macbeths conscience make him imagine ? just after killing Duncan he hears a voice say ‘ Macbeth does murder sleep’he also sees banqos ghost at the feast where lady Macbeth believes he is hallucinating
why does lady macbeth influence macbeth to kill duncan? she calls him a ‘coward’ but he does not like this
what do lady macbeth and macbeth link masculinity to throguh out the play ? strengthcourage
how is macbeth influenced about the supernatural? he trusts the witches saying ‘two truths are told ‘he also sees a dagger which leads him to Duncan’s roomMacbeth belief in the witches comes more true as the prophecies do and relys on what they have to say
what is the main theme in macbeth ? ambition
what does macbeth change to due to ambition? villiant toa dead butcher
what can the play be read as due to ambition ? that ambition can lead to tragedy as it did for the macbeths especially if earned unfairly
what evidence is there to show that macbeth is moral ? he is reluctance to kill duncan
how does malcom and mcduffs ambition differ to the macbeths ? they are ambitious for their country whereas the macbeths are ambitious for themselves , they want to take macbeths power away for the good of Scotland not themselves
how does banqos actions differ to macbeths after they have been told prophecies? banqo is ambitious once he heard his descendants will be kings but he doesnt violently act to make them come true
give 3 aspects of Lady Macbeths personality ? cruelcunningdisturbed
give a quote to show how lady Macbeth is cruel? and fill me from the crown to the toe topfullOf direst cruelty
give a quote to show that lady Macbeth is cunning ? look like th’innocent flowerbut be the serpent undet ‘t
give a quote to show that lady Macbeth is disturbed? she is troubled with thick coming fancies
who is lady Macbeth in relation to Macbeth? his wife
how does lady Macbeth personality over the course of the play? at beginning she is ambitious , dominant , confident she persuades that killing Macbeth is the best thing to do at the end she is filled with guilt and as Macbeth distances himself she goes mad and kills herself
who is more ruthless in the beginning Macbeth or lady Macbeth? lady Macbeth
why does she appeal to the spirit world and what does she say(lady Macbeth)? she thinks that no ordinary women would kill and she appeals and says ‘unsex me ‘ and fill me with ‘ direst cruelty’
how can you tell that lady Macbeth is smart ? she is the one who comes up with drugging and framing the servants to kill duncan
how does shakespeare use lady Macbeth to unease stereotypes? women were stereo typically weaker than men and so he does not do this lady Macbeth says she would kill her own baby if shed sworn to do it which contrasts with lady mcduffs caring nature for her children
what evidence is there to suggest that lady macbeth has a softer side ? she never actually killed anyone she says she could not kill duncan herself as he reminded her of her father
how can you tell that lady Macbeth went mad at the end of the play ? in the beginning of the play she is confident in speech by the end she repeats the word ‘ come ‘ several times in a sentence showing her she has lost herself
how does lady Macbeths guilt take over her body ? she begins to sleepwalkdoctors calls it ‘ great perturbation in nature’ as her mind is that disturbed
what does lady Macbeth try to do when sleep walking ? wash her hands of the guilt
what 2 things make lady Macbeth kill herself ? guilt isolation from Macbeth
how does lady Macbeths and Macbeths relationship change over the course of the play? at beginning is loving and passionatelater becomes clear she dominates as Macbeth reveals less about plans she becomes alone and anxious and cant cope with out her husband
how does Macduff show his loyalty to his country ? macduff is loyal to Scotland he goes to England to ask Malcolm to defend his country instead of protecting familyhe would rather leave than see it ruled by bad king
how is loyalty shown to the king in act 1? thanes are loyal to Duncan because he is a ‘ great’ kingMacbeth gives Duncan ‘ service and loyalty’ while fighting
how is bnqo loyal to himself ? his beliefs loyal to his own sense of honor he says he will keep ‘ allegiance clear ‘he wont let ambition or the witches affect him
what is it usually for when characters are unloyal ? to pursue selfish desires
what happens with the title thane of cawdor? the old thane of cawdor betrays Duncan Duncan has him killedMacbeth becomes thane of cawdor
what does Macbeth loosing sense of right and wrong lead to by the end of the play? Macbeths death and loss of self worth
betrayal is linked to power but how is power linked to loyalty? power can be given or taken according to a persons loyalty
give an example of how betrayal and loyalty link ? mcduff betrays his family due to his loyalty for his country
how do you know that macbeth is initially loyal to duncan? he is described as his ‘ kinsman and his subject ‘
how does lady Macbeth pretend to be loyal ? she tells duncan that she and her husband are his ‘servants ‘ even though they are planning to kill him
how does Shakespeare make lady Macbeths murderous intentions more dramatic ? Shakespeare juxtaposes lady Macbeth s plotting to kill Duncan with her welcoming him into the castle
how does shakepseare link loyalty and betrayal ? he empahsies Macbeths loyalty in the beginning which makes his betrayal more of a shock
give three ways to describe Duncan ? kind trusting a good king
give a quote to show that Duncan is a good king ? ‘ so clear in his great office’
give a quote to show Duncan as trusting ? ‘ theres no artto find the minds construction in the face’
give a quote to show that duncan was kind ? let me enfold theeand hold thee to my heart
what is Duncans flaw? he is too trusting
can duncan be firm when needed? yes he killed the old thane of cawdor for betraying him
how does shakespeare make duncan appear as nurturing ? Duncan tells Macbeth he will ‘ plant’ Macbeth and make sure he is ‘ full of growing’
give a quote to show mcduffs opinion on king duncan ? a most sainted king
how do macbeth and duncan differ as kings ? duncan is kind generous and trusting and put scotlands needs ahead of his ownmacbeth is feared and hated and puts himself first
what do the audience question in terms of leadership? Duncan is portrayed as less manly and aggressive and is shown as kind and generous leading the audience to question does a good leader need to be violent
why is duncans kindness in a bad thing ? qualities make him trust Macbeth and put Scotland in a murders hands
how does macbeth become in line for king ? Duncan chooses his eldest son as heir but he puts macbeth next in line after malcom and donalbainmacbeth frames them both for duncans murder making him king
how can you tell the characters dont accept him as true king ? they do not refer to him as king
in what part of the play does Malcolm describe good kings and bad kings? act 4 scene 3
what does Malcolm say makes a bad ruler? ‘bloody”false,deceitful’ ‘ avaricious’he described macbeth as avarious as he is drive by selfish greed .his lies make him ‘ flase’ and ‘ deceiteful ‘
what does Malcolm say makes a good king ? ‘bounty , perservance , mercy,lowliness’he describes duncan as ‘temperance ‘ as he is calm’lowliness’ as he is humble’Bounty’ in his generosity
who do Malcolm believe a king is appointed by ? god
what does the play show in terms of being a ruler? the two extreme types of a rulerduncan is a great king but macbeth could not be worse
give 2 aspects of Malcolm personality? wisehonest
what do Malcolm and donalbain have that their father did not ? they had common snese and knew when they were in danger
give a quote to show that malcom and donalbain had common sense? ‘ there’s daggers in mens smiles’
give a quote to show that malcom thinks people can be evil even when appearing to be good ? ‘ all things foul would wear the brows of grace ‘
are malcom and donalbain impulsive ? no
why doesnt malcom and donalbain act on their fathers death straight awa ? malcom says their sorrow is too ‘ strong ‘ to not wait for the right time
why were malcom and donalbain annoyed at Macbeth after their fathers death? annoyed Macbeth is making grand speeches which should be made by duncans sons malcom asks donalbain , ‘ why do we hold our tongues’
why will people follow malcom ? he is the rightful king
what evidence is there in the play to show he is a strong leader? malcom returns to scotland with an army disguised with branches which helps lead them to victory
is malcom generous ? yes to those who are loyalhe rewarded those who fought with him
why do you think malcom will be a better king ? he was less naive than duncan but contains many of his kind qualities
how does Macbeths ambition change the balance of good and evil in him ? Macbeths ambition causes his goodness to become overcome by evil desireshe becomes increasingly evil the more crimes he commits
what does the struggle for the crown of scotland become ? a battle between good and evilas macbeth is a ‘tyrant’ whom must be stopped
what is evil linked to in the play?give a brief example genderlady Macbeth feels like her gender holds her back from taking violent action
what does lady Macbeth rely o rather than violent actions? manipulationshe sees Macbeths weakness and uses it to make him commit crime
how are the withces portrayed in terms of linking the idea of evil in with gender? the witches gender is ambiguousbanqo says they ‘should be women ‘ but have beards as if to mask themselves and rely on manipulation rather than genders forces such as strength
how does the opening battle of the lay signify the theme of good and evil ? a battle between scotland and norway the enemy army is led by a traitor ( ‘ merciless macdonald ‘)
how does the ending battle of the play where Macbeth dies represent the theme of good and evil ? malcoms men have ‘ dear causes’ and fight to ‘ dew the sovereign flower’ ( restore the rightful king )
what is the main thing to talk about if given the theme of good and evil ? talk about the good and evil parts of charactersincluding the Macbeth and duncan
what gives the witches power over humans ? their ‘strange intelligence’ and ability to predict the future
what do the witches have to do with context at the time of the 1600’s? during the 1600’s people very much believed that witches were real and thus watching the play in the 1600’s the witches would have been frighting to an audience
why is it that the witches create such a lasting impact in the play even though they are not in very many scenes? they drive the force of the play as every bad thing that Macbeth does is because he is trying to make the witches prophecies come true
how does shakespeare portray the witches , good or evil ? completely evilthe witches add to atmosphere and make the play more intense uncertain and darker overall
what visions remind Macbeth of guilt and consequnce in act 2 scene 1? he sees a vision of a dagger just as he is about to kill duncan, not clear weather leading him to duncan or warning him of the ‘ bloody business’ he is about to do
what visions in act 3 scene 4 remind macbeth of his guilt ? at the feast he sees banqos ghost giving him a ‘ strange infirmity’no one else can see the ghost suggesting it is Macbeth’s conscience
give 3 words to describe banqo ? bravenoble wise
give a quote to describe banqo as brave ? that dauntless temper of his mind
give a quote to show banqo as wise? the instruments of darkness tell us the truth
what is important to banqo ? his conscience he would rather keep his ‘ allegiance clear’ than commit violent acts to make the prophecies true
if given banqo in the exam what is a good thing to do ? compare him to banqo
what topics could you talk about when comparing banqo and Macbeth? difference in ambition difference in moralitydifference in trusting witches
does banqo think the witches are real ? he does not know
does banqo trust the witches? no he says he will ‘neither beg nor fear ‘ them but is intrested in what they have to say and he admits he ‘dreamt’ of them and so proves he is intrigued
how does banqo describe the witches? ‘instruments of darkness’
did banqo suspect Macbeth of murdering ducan and if so what did he do about it ? he did suspect but did nothing and instead reminded himself that he will be the father ‘ of many kings ‘shows that ambition can control he most honorable character
who does Macbeth see as a threat and what does he do about it ? Banqo he hires the 3 killers to kill him as macbeth has great ‘ fear ‘ of him , when banqo is surrounded by killers he says ‘treachery!’ as he did not expect Macbeth to betray him
give 3 words to describe macduff? a soldieremotional noble
give a quote to show that mcduff is noble ? ‘ this noble passion, child of integrity’
why suggests that macduff is suspicious of Macbeth? he does not go to the coranation
give a quote to show that macduff is worried about the state of his country due to Macbeth being king ? ‘ O scotland , scotland!’ to malcom
how can you describe macduff as brave ? he fights Macbeth to free scotland from the ‘tyrant ‘ and wins
why would some say that macduff had his priorities wrong ? he put his country before his family
what act of macduff shows a strong sense of justice but lack of ‘wisdom’? he goes to england to find malcom to help get rid of Macbeth but leaves his family unprotected
how can you tell that macduff thinks emotion is a part of a mans masculinity ? when his family was murdered he says he will ‘feel’ his grief ‘as a man’
what is macduffs motivation to kill Macbeth? he is a bad king and wants to put the rightful hier to the throne he murdered his family he thinks his family will ‘haunt ‘ him till Macbeth as payed the price
what does macduff think about her husband leaving hem to go to england ? she thinks it was unfatherly and that he lacks the ‘natural touch ‘
what are 3 ways that you can describe the witches? evilambiguousstrange
give a quote to show that the witches are evil ? described as the instruments of darkness
give a quote to show that the witches are ambiguous ? this supernatural soliciting cannot be ill , cannot be good
what suggests that the witches are acctually fate ? the word weird comes from the old english work wyrd which meant fate might not be instruments of darkness but instruments of fate
how can you tell that the witches apperance is misleading ? banqo is not sure weather they are ‘ fantasical ‘ or not
what could you say about the witches life prophecy ?fair is foul , and foul is fair nothing is as it seems in the playgood and evil is in all the characters and themes
how does Shakespeare make the witches seem more frightening? they are always accompanied by thunder and lightning
how can you say that the witches allow free will? they tell prophecies but do not say how they will happendo not tell Macbeth to kill duncan
how does Macbeth perform self fulfilling prophecy? the witches dont tell Macbeth to kill duncan but tell him he will be king this pushes Macbeth to murder duncan
how do the witches confuse macbeth? use paradox say that banqo qil be ‘ lesser than Macbeth, and greater’this makes the future seem uncertain
who is hectate? the godess of witchcraft
how do the witches trick Macbeth? tell him that he can not die of ‘ none of woman born ‘ which gives him a false sense of security eventually leading to his death
how is lady Macbeth linked to satan whom tempted adam and eve in the garden of eden ? act 1 scene ‘ look like th’ innocent flower, but be the serpent under ‘t’the serpent links her to satan
what does Macbeth know he neds in order to hide his murderous acts ? he needs a ‘false face ‘but when he sees banqos ghost his face is the ‘very painting of his fear’
what does the play show about being deceptive about your emotions? your true feelings come out in the end
how is lady Macbeth deceptive when duncan is murdered? she faints which portrays shock but also reminds the audience of the gender stereotype of women being weak
give a quote to show that things that apear good can be evil fair is foul , and foul is fair
what lead to macbeths downfall? trusting the witches even though he knows that appearances and reality can be two different things
what does shakespeare not make clear about fate ? weather or not it was fate for macbeth to kill duncan
at what point does Macbeth believe in fae , explain? just after the witches told him he would be king he thought it would happen on its own ‘chance may crown me without my stir ‘
are the witches messengers of fate? this is open to interpretation but it could be that the witches inspire Macbeth to make bad choices
does lady Macbeth believe in fate ? she says she does but she believes Macbeth has to make himself king not let it happen on its own
what suggests the characters have free will? banqo does not act upon what the witches told him whereas macbeth decided his actions
who are the other thanes apart from banqo and macbeth? lennoxrossementeithanguscaithness
how does lennox show that he suspects macbeth of duncans death ? act 3 scene 6lennox sarcastically says macbeth ‘nobly’ and ‘wisely killed duncans guards
what are 2 reasons why Shakespeare structured the play the way the way that he did ? to emphasis important themesto set the mood
give a reason why Shakespeare may have introduced the witches at the beginning in act 1 scene 1? to show that there are supernatural aspects of the play at the time witches were seen as evil adding a tenser atmosphere
give a way that Shakespeare sets the atmosphere for act 2? at the start of the act shakspeares diction and macbeth killing duncan sets the darker atmosphere for the rest of the play
what are the 3 parts to a tragedy play? builds up to the turning pointsecond deals with the consequencesleading to the main characters downfall
how do macbeth and lady macbeth contrast with each other ? macbeth starts of noble and moral and ends up cruel whereas his wife does the opposite
give an example of when Shakespeare uses short scenes and say what effect this has ? speeds up the action to make it more exciting act 5 is made up of 9 short scenes and alot happens
give an example of suspense in the play ? act 1 scene 7 macbeth battles with his conscience before killing duncan will he go through with it ? we dont find out until act 2
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 1 scene 1? witches are introduced
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 1 scene 2 ? duncan talks about the battle
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 1 scene 3 ? macbeth meets the witches who tell him he will be king
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 1 scene 4 ? macbeth begins to think about killing duncan
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 1 scenes 5+6? lady macbeth learns of the witches prophecy and duncan arrives at macbeths castle
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 1 scene 7 ? lady macbeth persuades macbeth to kill duncan
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 2 scene 1 ? macbeth goes to kil duncan
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 2 scene 2 ? lady macbeth covers up the murder
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 2 scene 3 ? macduf finds duncans body
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 2 scene 4 ? old man talks about weird events and macbeth is crowned
what is the first part of the play structured around ? macbeths rise to power
what is the job of the minor scenes in act 1 and 2 ? build up the tension and delay the actual murder
what happens in act 3 and 4 and 5 for macbeth ? things all apart
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 3 scenes 1+2+3? macbeth realises that banqo is a threat and so has him killed
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 3 scene 4? macbeth sees banqos ghost
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 3 scene 5 ? hectate plans to ruin macbeth
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 3 scene 6 ? lennox is told of a plot to overthrow macbeth
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 4 scene 1 ? macbeth visits the witches and is shown 3 things that predict his future
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 4 scenes 2+3 ? macbeth has mcduffs wife and son killedmalcom tests mcduff and mcduff learns of the murders
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 5 scene 1? lady macbeth sleep walks ?
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 5 scenes 2+4+6? English army advances disguised as birnam wood
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 5 scenes 5+7? lady macbeth kills herself and macbeth kills young siward
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 5 scene 8? macduff kills macbeth
give a quick sentence to describe what happens in act 5 scene 9 ? malcom becomes king
what setting do the witches always appear in and what effect does this have ? spooky setting making the atmosphere seem isolated and secretalso highlights the idea that they are separated from the rest of the characters
how does Shakespeare use dramatic irony in act 1 scene 6? duncan describes macbeths castle as ‘pleasant’ not knowing that e will be murdered there

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