Duncan Who is the King of Scotland
Malcolm, Donalbain What are the names of Duncan’s two sons
Macbeth, Banquo What are the names of Duncan’s two generals
hurlyburly what is another term for turmoil or the civil war in Macbeth
heath where will the three witches agree to meet again in 1-1
cat, toad what two animals are the companions of the three witches
Graymalkin, Paddock What are the names of the two animals that are demon helpers to the three witches
spent swimmers what were the two armies compared to by the bloody Captain in 1-1
broil what is another term for battle
first cousin how are Duncan and Macbeth related
Macdonwald who is the man who rebels against Duncan
Fife where did Norway’s troops invade and frighten the people
Sweno Who is the king of Norway
Thane of Cawdor who is the traitor who betrays Duncan
ten thousand dollars how much money does Duncan demand from Sweno
Macbeth Who does Duncan plan to give the title of Thane of Cawdor to
Thane of Cawdor Who does Duncan plan on executing for his treason in 1-1
killing swine in the opening of 1-2 what does the second witch says that she was busy doing
chestnuts what was the sailor’s wife eating that the witch requested some of
Aleppo what was the famous trading center in the Middle East
sleepless The first witch will help her sister in torturing the sailor by making him what
beards what physical attribute identified women as witches
Thane of Glamis What title did Macbeth hold at the very beginning of the play
greater, happier, father of kings the witches greet Banquo by saying he will be less than Macbeth in three ways but what are the three ways he will be better than Macbeth
Sinel Who is the father of Macbeth that passed away
insane root what are a number of plants that were believed to cause insanity when eaten
aside what is a stage direction that means Macbeth is speaking to himself beyond the hearing of others
murder Immediately after the witches give Macbeth his prophecy what does he think to do to Duncan
Inverness What is the name of Macbeth’s castle
Malcolm what son did Duncan name as his heir
Prince of Cumberland what title is given to the heir to the throne
harbinger what is a representative sent before a royal party to make proper arrangements for its arrival called
letter what is Lady Macbeth reading from Macbeth at the beginning of 1-3
raven what bird is a symbol for evil and misfortune often supposed to indicate approaching death
purveyor what is a term for one who makes advance arrangements for a royal visit like a harbinger
cat what animal does Lady Macbeth compare Macbeth to saying that it won’t catch fish as it is afraid to wet its feet
prithee what is a short form of pray thee meaning please
chamberlains what is another term for servants or attendants
Fleance who is the son of Banquo
Banquo who confesses to Macbeth that he has uneasy dreams of the witches
dagger what item does Macbeth see floating through the air at night 2-1
blood what was on the dagger that Macbeth sees on his way to Duncans room
Hecate who is the goddess of the night and witchcraft
Tarquin who was an ancient Roman referenced by Macbeth who attacked a sleeping maiden
knell what is another term for a funeral bell
Amen what word does Macbeth find himself unable to say when he returns to speak with Lady Macbeth
Belzebub What is another name for the devil that the porter uses
Porter what drunken man provides comic relief in 2-3
nose-painting, sleep, urine what three things does drinking provoke
storm what event the night of Duncan’s murder is an example of pathetic fallacy
Macduff Who is the first one to see Duncan’s dead body
new Gorgon What mythological creature does Macduff compare the scene of Duncan’s murder to
faint what does the Lady Macbeth do at the sight of Duncan’s murder
owl what bird killed a hawk that was most unexpected
eat eachother what is it rumored that Duncan’s horses did
Colmekill where is the sacred storehouse of kings where Duncan is going to be burried
Scone Where is Macbeth going to be crowned as King of Scotland

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