Act 1 questions act 1 questions
In Act 1, scene 2 King Duncan learns that his captain, Macbeth, has defeated two rebles. Who are they? Why does Duncan give Macbeth a new tittle? The soldiers they kill are enemies. He gives Macbeth a new tittle because he thinks he is worthy.
In scene 3 after greeting Macbeth as Thane of Glamis, what two prophecies do the witches make? 1. He will be king.2. He will become Thane of Cowardor.
Who does duncan name as his heir? Malcom
what are the 3 phrophecies the witches give Banquo in scene 3? he will be the father of many kings, he will be more happier than macbeth, his status is lower than macbeth but his honor will be higher.
what fears do lady macberh express about macbeth’s character? she thinks he is not a man.
Why does lady macbeth ask the spirits to “unsex” her? Because she feels as if she has been born in the wrong body as the wrong gender.
what plan does lady macbeth propose in scene 5? Kill king duncan
what is macbeth’s final decision about murdering duncan? what reasons does macbeth give for not killing duncan? He will murder duncan. Reasons for not killing him are:He trusts macbethMacbeth wants to stay honorableMacbeth doesnt really want to be king.Duncan has been good to macbeth and lady macbeth

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