• Macbeth Thane of Glamis; Thane of Cawdor; Commander in the Army is told a prophecy of kingdom by the witches
• Banquo friends with Macbeth; Commander in the Army; is told a prophecy that he won’t be a king but his sons will be king
• Lady Macbeth married to Macbeth; wants King Duncan dead
• Weïrd Sisters – witches; weïrd meaning “fate determining”—can tell the future
• Malcolm King Duncan’s first born son—named as King Duncan’s successor (next king)
• Donalbain King Duncan’s youngest son
Ross, Angus and Lennox Scottish noblemen
• Fleance Banquo’s son (teenager)
• William Shakespeare was born in the year 1564
raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, England
performed in an acting troop called Lord Chamberlain’s Men
• Shakespeare performed his plays in • Shakespeare performed his plays in Globe Theater
• Macbeth is considered a Shakespearean Tragedy.
• Macbeth is set in Scotland
• Shakespeare’s language is called Early Modern English
1. What are the witches planning at the beginning of the act? a. They are planning to meet up with Macbeth after the war is over (won)
2. What information can we infer about the witches because of their predictions? a. The witches can see into the future
3. What does the Sergeant (captain) report to Duncan about the battle? a. The Sergeant brings news that Scotland was losing the battle but Macbeth came to save the day by killing Macdonwald; Scotland (Macbeth) won the battle against Norway
4. What title is given to Macbeth for bravery in the battle? a. Macbeth is titled Thane of Cawdor (along with being Thane of Glamis)
5. What happened to the original Thane of Cawdor and why did he lose his title? a. The original Thane of Cawdor was a traitor so King Duncan had him killed
6. What titles do the witches greet Macbeth with after the battle? a. Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, future king
7. What do the witches mean when the say, ‘Lesser than Macbeth, and greater. Not so happy, yet much happier. Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none’? telling Banquo that he will not be king but that he will father kings—his sons will be king
8. What news is brought by Ross and Angus? a. They bring news that Macbeth is now Thane of Cawdor because the original Thane of Cawdor is a traitor
10. Despite the good fortune foretold by him by the witches, why is Macbeth not feeling so good? a. Macbeth is nervous/anxious because King Duncan is still alive and in order for Macbeth to become king, King Duncan must be killed
11. What does Malcolm report that the first Thane of Cawdor did, before being executed? a. Thane of Cawdor confessed and asked for forgiveness before they killed him
12. What announcement does Duncan make, that causes Macbeth to realize becoming king will not just fall into his lap? a. Malcolm will be the next king
14. To where has Duncan proclaimed that he shall travel? a. He declares that he is going to Macbeth’s house- Inverness
15. Why does Macbeth rush ahead of them to get there? a. He wants to tell Lady Macbeth that the king is on his way to Inverness
1. After reading Macbeth’s letter, summarize what Lady Macbeth worries will keep her husband from achieving the honors the witches predicted for him? a. She thinks that he is too nice and not cruel enough to kill some for his own gain
2. What news does the messenger bring? a. The king is coming to Inverness tonight
3. After the messenger leaves, summarize what Lady Macbeth wishes for in her soliloquy a. She wishes to be more cruel and less remorseful to be able to kill the king
4. What does Lady Macbeth mean when she says, “Come, you spirits/ That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,/ And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full/ of direst cruelty” a. She wishes away her feminine emotions so that she’s better able to kill the king without feeling emotions toward it
5. Upon Macbeth’s arrival and announcement that Duncan will arrive tonight, what does Lady Macbeth declare must be done to the Kind a. She declares that King Duncan must be killed tonight
6. What does the king come to Macbeth’s castle? a. King Duncan comes to Inverness to celebrate Malcolm’s kingdom
7. Who does Duncan ask to be taken to? a. He asks to be taken to see Macbeth
8. In his soliloquy, summarize what Macbeth reveals about his feelings for the plan to murder Duncan. a. Macbeth doesn’t want to kill Duncan anymore because he doesn’t want to go to Hell and Duncan has been a really great leader
9. After Macbeth declares that he will not go through with the murder plan, how does Lady Macbeth convince him to change his mind? a. Lady Macbeth says she’s kill her own child, calls Macbeth a scaredy cat/coward, and she tells him how they’ll get away with it
10. What details does Lady Macbeth explain to convince Macbeth that her plan cannot fail? a. They plan to get the guards drunk, kill sleeping Duncan, frame the guards with their daggers and the King’s blood, and they’ll put on a show and act sad in the morning

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