Foul “Fair is ______ and foul is fair”
Brave “For ______ Macbeth – well he deserves that name”
Unseamed him from the knave to the “Till he ________ chaps”
Bellona’s “________ bridegroom”
imperfect “Stay you _________ speakers”
Borrowed robes “Why do dress me in __________?”
Suggestion “Why do I yield to that ________?”
Rapt “Look how our partner’s _____”
Construction “There’s no art to find the mind’s ________ in the face.”
Fires let not light see my black and deep desires “Stars hide your________”
Dearest “My _______ partner of greatness”
That tend on mortal thoughts “Come you spirits______”
But be the serpent under it “Look the innocent flower ____”
If “____ it were done when tis done”
Vaulting “______ ambition”
Durst “When you ______ do it then you were a man”
What the false heart doth know “False face must hide _________”
“A friend” What does Macbeth call himself to Banquo?
“I think not of them” What lie does Macbeth tell Banquo in relation to the witches?
Loyalty “Still keep my bosom franchised and allegiance clear”. What trait is Banquo showing here?
A dagger What does Macbeth see floating before him?
He looks like her father Lady Macbeth cannot kill ‘the unguarded Duncan because…
Stichomythia What is the term given to the short, fast interchanges between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth after Duncan’s murder?
Imperatives Lady Macbeth uses lots of _____ to dominate Macbeth and persuade him to kill Duncan.
Comic reliefDramatic device – echoes key themes/ideas The role of the Porter’s scene is
Irony When Macduff says to Lady Macbeth that the news of Duncan’s death “would murder as it fell” – what technique is used here?
Daggers “There’s ______ in men’s smiles” (Donaldbain)
Chaos in the natural world The Old Man and Ross speak of
“played most foully for it” Banquo fears that Macbeth
Safely “To be thus is nothing but to be _____ thus”
Prose Macbeth’s letter, Lady Macbeth’s final speeches, The Porter’s speech and Macbeth’s instructions to the Murderers are all in
“Barefaced power” “Though I could with ________ sweep him from my sight”. What does Macbeth say about murdering Banquo?
“Scorched” What does Macbeth say they have done to the snake? (Metaphor for their enemies)
“dearest chuck” What derogatory term does Macbeth use for Lady Macbeth?
Panic/fear “But now I am cabined, cribbed, confined, bound in to saucy doubts and fears”. What does this list show about Macbeth after the murder of Banquo?
Not being a ‘man’ What does Lady Macbeth consistently deride Macbeth for?
Blood What is Macbeth “stepped in so far” that he cannot return?
Euphemisms Both Lacy Macbeth and Macbeth use what to cover their own personal guilt?
Hubris A term that means Macbeth has overwhelming pride and ambition
So that he does not appear arrogant about his prowess on the battlefield Why does Macbeth not introduce himself in the play’s opening?
Pricking of my thumbs “By the ________ something wicked this way comes.”
Bloody, bold and resolute. What do the witches tell Macbeth to be in Act 4 Scene 1?”
That he was once thought “honest” What does Malcolm say about Macbeth’s downfall?
“I must also feel it as a man” What does Macduff say in response to his children being killed?
A taper What does Lady Macbeth carry with her in Act 5 Scene 1?
“Out damned spot!” What does Lady Macbeth say about her hands?
“I have lived long enough.” Macbeth reveals that he is concerned about aging when he states
“supped full with horrors” Macbeth states that he has _______ which shows that he is a changed man and determined to carry out his deeds.
Equivocation The Witches used deliberately confusing language, also known as
“Tyrant” Macduff often refers to Macbeth as a
“juggling fiends” When Macbeth realises that the Witches’s prophecies are empty he calls them
“Usurper” What is the term given to Macbeth for taking the throne?
Dead butcher/Fiend-like “This ______ and his _______queen”
Naive An adjective that suggests that Duncan places his trust too easily in Macbeth
Cunning An adjective that suggests that Duncan is power hungry and wants to place his own son on the throne
Malcolm and Donaldbain Who are Duncan’s two sons?
Her breast milk What does Lady Macbeth ask the “murdering ministers” to take for gall?
Macduff Whose family does Macbeth murder in cold blood?
The soldier Who introduces the character of Macbeth?
Fleance What’s the name of Banquo’s son?

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