The irony in Macbeths new title, thane of cawdor is that The former cawdor betrayed Duncan
Lady Macbeth prays that she be unsexed so that All humane motherly instincts will leave her
Th dagger that Macbeth sees in act II scene 1 soliloquy IS part of hallucination
Lady Macbeth hesitates to kill the leaping king because He reminds her of her own father
In the play the reversal of natural events are Omens of evil
Macbeth wants Banquo dead so that His crime will not benefit banquos offspring
Macbeth describes the ghost at dinner as Covered with blood
The witches words “something wicked this way comes” refer to Macbeth
Malcom pretends that he is too evil to become king in order to Ascertain Macduffs loyalty
Lady Macbeth attendant hesitates to report lady macbeths words as she sleepwalks because they are Incriminating
The damned spot to which lady Macbeth refers to is Duncan’s bloodstain
Lady Macbeth behavior reveals that she Has cracked under emotional pressure
Macbeths reaction to his wife’s death is one of Bleak and despair
Unless he himself kills Macbeth, Macduff is sure that His family ghosts will always haunt him
Macbeth finally realizes that the witches and apparitions Deceived him with ambiguous messages
When Macbeth first hears the predictions from the weird sisters he is accompanied by Banquo
What was not predicted by the weird sisters Fleance will die
Macbeths plot to murder the king depends on Using the guards dagger
During the banquet macbeths chair is occupied by the ghost of Banquo
O his second visit to the weird sisters Macbeth is warned by an apparition to beware if Macduff
During the second visit Macbeth is also warned by an apparition that he will not be conquered until Birman wood comes to dunsinane hill
Malcom encourages Macduff after his news of his family murders to Turn grief into anger
Lady Macbeth confesses her crimes when she Walks and talks in her sleep
Because Macduff was delivered cesarean section “not born of women” he fulfills the prophecy when he Kills Macbeth
The porter scene is the plays Comic relief
Macbeth meets his death With desperate courage
Malcoms invasion is launched from England
Macbeth is killed by Macduff
Malcom tests the loyalty of Macduff
Macbeths evil side is associated with Night and darkness
After Duncan’s death Macbeth finds killing Not worth it
A murdered man whose ghost appears to his murdereer Banquo
A man who yields to the evil power if the witches Macbeth
An innocent women who is murdered Lady Macduff
A guilty women whose sleep is troubled Lady Macbeth
A boy who escapades macbeths attempt to have him murdered Fleance
King of Scotland following Macbeth Malcolm
A man whose son is slain by Macbeth in hand to hand combat Siward
King of Scotland preceding Macbeth Duncan

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