Macbeth 1 Vocab

antidote a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison
augment to make greater or to supplement
augury an omen or prophecy
avarice greed for wealth
balm a soothing substance or one that gives relief
bane, baneful a source of harm or destruction; harmful, destructive
begulle to deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm
bestow to grant or give
blanch to take the color out of, to bleach, to make white
blasphemous irreverent, profane
buffeted struck repeatedly, battered
censure to blame or condemn
champion to defend or support
cherubic innocent, wholesome, angelic
chide to voice disapproval, to scold
clamor Loud noise or shouting
cloister to seclude or to confine
combustible capable of burning
confound to cause one to become confused
corporeal relating to a physical, material body; tangible and palpable
credulous believing on slight evidence, gullible
daunt to intimidate, to dismay
deft skillful, adroit
desolate deserted, without inhabitants, barren
diminution diminishment, reduction
disdain intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy
dispatch to send away with promptness or speed; speed, quickness
ecstacy extreme happiness
entreaty a plea, an earnest request
epicure a person that understands a lot about food and drink, a connoisseur
equivocative to attempt to lie, to mislead, or to hide the truth
esteem estimate of value; approval and respect often blended with fondness

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